Couch Bloggin'

Sunday, September 16, 2012
We've had a fun & productive weekend - now I'm vegging on the couch with my iPad while Michael watches football, Emma's practicing her hand writing, & this is what Arron's doing!
I found him napping like this...

Yesterday Emma had a friend over to play and I enjoyed some good conversation with her friend's mom while the girls played & ran from Aaron! After they left we bought groceries for some new slow cooker recipes I found. I made up eight dinners to put in the freezer for easy weekday dinners. I'll just pick out our dinner for that evening & put it in the slow cooker when I head out to work...then dinner is done when we make it home! It took about an hour to put it all together and total cost per meal was less than $10! Two things I like to save - time and money!!
I've been busy! Play date in the morning & cooking all evening! Phew!!! Momma's tired!!
It was kinda fun,too & it's gonna make some easy dinners in the days to come!

Walking into church this morning I had to snap a picture of my handsome men!!
Aaron & daddy heading into church this morning!!
Yes...Aaron was representing in Sunday School today!! LOL

We had an early bday party today, too so we left church early & headed out - Emma changed into her jersey, too for the party! I swear this girl loves the Texans - she actually told me she wants a Texans birthday party this year & wants a Texans sign in her room. Of course, it has to be girly'd up for her, too!
Celebrating Jordan's bday in style!! #Texans
They made a cute pair!!
When we made it home she and I headed out to get a manicure - I love the colors she picks out. Today was hot pink with blue glitter on top.
Getting our mani-time in this afternoon!!
We are headed to Orange Leaf when Aaron wakes up. If he isn't up in 30 mins I might have to wake him myself - been craving some frozen yogurt for a while!! Mmmmm!!!!

***you can find all the recipes I used here***