Sunday, September 02, 2012

A little duct tape & voila!

Emma is not a "bow girl" - we've tried bows, we have a ton of bows, we have the cool wall hangers to store bows - she just doesn't really wear them. She likes to wear her hair down and she like hair we have a ton of hair bands, too. What we do not have is a good place to store them and they've been a mess in her room for a while.

So, I saw this great idea on Pinterest (love that site) and thought how easy and cool. I love vertical storage, too btw! That's why she has a chest of drawers instead of a dresser actually b/c it takes up less floor space. So, this weekend my mother and I set out to make one. The link below has a tutorial for using scrapbook paper, but we thought we'd try something different...
We decided to let Emma pick out some fun duct tape - the roll actually said "DUCK" tape - and she picked out this pink zebra, which I love! We added some black ribbon and a little bling to the bottom and a black stand & voila! Done!!! I thought it turned out pretty good...
Mother & I put this together to hold Emma's hairbands on the outside & other hair stuff on the inside! Pinterest inspired! First attempt not bad, but may give it a 2nd try from lessons learned!
Though after we put all her head bands around it you can't even tell what it looks like after all that!!! And the inside if full, too of hair ties, ribbons for pony tails, and a few clips. Perfect idea for storage! 
I think we could've just left it saying oatmeal!! LOL! She has so many headbands you can't see the pink zebra stripes at all!
So, that was my craftiness for the weekend! 

Today we've taken it easy - went to church, let Aaron nap a while, then hit up Mista Mack's for snow cones! I'm always up for snow cones - favorite frozen treat!
Time for frozen treats!!!
Rest of the day and tomorrow is all about relaxing...

Have a fun & safe Labor Day weekend!!


  1. That turned out so cute! Great idea for the bazillions of headbands we have!

  2. Oh my gosh I love how yours turned out! I also love the pink zebra print duct tape she picked out :D So fun!
    Looks like you guys had an awesome day!

  3. I like yours better! So cute & crafty!

  4. what a great idea for a headband holder! i love the one you made!
    p.s. i'm your newest follower :)

    xo brie

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