Friday, September 28, 2012


I've been trying out a lot of new recipes around here lately - well, lots of new seasonings combinations at least! I tried some new seasoning mix on my roasted veggies earlier this week...that turned out super yummy and were a big hit!
The roasting of the vegetables is about to begin!!!
And followed up with some of the best fajitas we've had in a while! Per a coworker's recommendation I hit up an awesome meat market that had pre-seasoned fajita meat and it was fantastic!
Been a weekend of good cookin' & still more today! YUM!
I usually cook every night during the week, but sometimes we get in a slump and will go out a couple times if the evening gets too busy. Hence the reason for the meal planning I did a couple weeks ago, too - so I've been more prepared for those busy evenings!

Though one day this week was a late evening and I didn't get something in the slow cooker so we did take the night off and hit up Chick-fil-A. Turned about to be a good night b/c Max & Ruby were there. Emma was all about giving them High Fives, but wasn't as interested as Aaron in taking pictures with them!
Max & Ruby were at ChickfilA tonight! Emma gave 'em five, but wanted no part of pics! Aaron was front & center, though!
We've also been trying (not very hard, though) to get Aaron more interested in using the potty and get him out of diapers. I don't think it's gonna happen too soon. He doesn't seem to worried about it, but he sure does look cute in those teeny undies!
Cute baby bottom!!! Just gotta get him to not potty on Mater!!
He's more interested in Mommy using the potty - I have resorted to locking the door b/c he thinks I am sitting down to have a conversation with him when I head into the bathroom these days!
I've resorted to locking the door bc Aaron thinks he has to be on my lap when I potty!!! son! I'll talk to you in a little bit! :)

Emma had a check up at the dentist this week. She gets glowing check ups so far, which is great b/c she loves to go to the dentist right now. Our dentist always tells her what a great job she is doing of taking care of her teeth! She's also been getting glowing marks at school - she's been on the highest color almost every day! So before the dentist appointment Monday I took her for a treat! < / Mommy Bragging>
My girl got a treat today bc she got 5 purple days in a row at school!! Then we head to the dentist - LOL!!
Another treat with her this week was Muffins with Mom, which we got to do yesterday morning before school!
Muffins with my favorite girl this morning!
And today I've taken the day off and I'll go up to have lunch with her - I overheard her telling her friends about it yesterday. She sounded excited!

Yesterday I had to pick her up early from school actually. I got a call from the nurse telling me that she took a bad fall and had a bloody nose and her face was scraped up pretty bad. Emma gets nose bleeds very easily (my daddy had them very bad as a child, too) so even a tiny bump to the nose can cause it to happen. So, at first I wasn't too worried b/c honestly I thought that's all it was. The more I talked to the nurse, though I realized it wasn't as simple as that, so I got off the phone and jumped in the car to pick her up.

Turns out she was running on the play ground and just lost her footing or something and went flying face first into the gravel. It did bloody her nose (bad enough they had to change her clothes even), but it also scraped her face from her forehead down the middle of her nose. Her nose is a little swollen and I really hope we don't wake up in the morning to find black eyes, too. I gave her some Tylenol when we got home and made her keep ice on it a while. After a bit she was feeling better and was outside playing with her brother and then after dinner was back outside playing with her friends. I told her everyone was going to be asking her about what happened when they saw it! And I'm glad today was the day we had lunch already planned, so I will be able to see how she is handling her day with her new bo-bo's right on her face. She didn't seem to terribly embarrassed about it last night, that's for sure!

Honestly she was more worried about playing and showing her friends our caterpillars that have returned - that had her very excited yesterday, too!
They have returned. Emma was excited to see this little guy tonight!
I've been quiet most of the week, but it's just b/c it's been a pretty busy week at work (we had a 2 day offsite that had us going nonstop) and our evenings have been full, too. Honestly when I get home in the evenings I don't even look at the computer till after the kids go to bed and I even try to avoid the iPad or iPhone (unless I'm snapping phone pics of the kiddos)...

And speaking of the iPhone - can I just say that LOVE LOVE LOVE the new iPhone 5. The feature are all amazing - the speed is so great - the camera is wonderful! Love it! So, most likely if you follow me on Twitter or Instagram (MishMish) then you've seen all these pics b/c they're all iPhone pics!

Have a great weekend!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

I Made Butter!

Ummm...did ya read the title? I MADE butter!! As in churning butter!?!?

Okay - well, maybe I didn't have to churn it exactly, but I still made it & it is super tasty!
I made butter!
One of my coworkers is very organic and makes a lot of her own condiments and has been telling me about her homemade butter...and I really wanted to try my hand at it. We had a late night & even though we were up and at em early this morning, this afternoon we're playing it low key and hanging around the house, so I thought today was the perfect day to give it a try! I wasn't sure how it was going to turn out, but it's perfect! I am going to use it in a recipe this evening, too...I am sooooo domesticated now!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Fun Fall Fotos

Okay - so officially Fall doesn't start until tomorrow - and here in H-Town it won't really start for at least another month, but...
Fun outside in this wonderful weather - then Emma sat us down for a performance - ended with a game of Simon Says before bed!!
we're outside now taking full advantage of these few days of wonderful weather we've been experiencing!

 Next week's iPhonography link up is going to be even more fun b/c now I have  the iPhone 5!! WooHoo!!

Have a wonderful weekend!!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Clouds and Coconut M&M's

Yesterday we met up with my niece & her husband (still newlyweds) for dinner...driving out I saw these beautiful clouds. The weather around here is changing - I don't know for how long, but right now I'm loving it!!!
#sky #clouds #Houston #takingadrive
Yesterday morning when we walked out of the house I said something about it feeling cooler outside & Emma replied with, "Yes, but I like it a lot better now!" She's right, too - walking outside at 6:30am and breaking into a sweat really sucks! And sadly that's what we encounter a lot around here.

So, after dinner we had to make a Walgreens run for some Shout...some little girl got her dessert all over her shirt at dinner & I didn't have any more at home to put on it. Love that stuff - works wonders!

Well, while I was in Walgreens & the hubby & kids were waiting in the car I took advantage of shopping alone & walked up and down the cosmetics aisle - looked at some nail polish - looked at some bubble bath - and finally settled on this:
Oh yes!!! This is happening! Love these! #coconut #M&M
Have you had these before!?!? Then no judging till you've tasted them! They are my favorite M&M's and every time we hit up the grocery store I look for them and can never find them. Now, I know why. They are all at Walgreens!! Which is where I will be headed when I feel that craving! The dark chocolate ones may be close to perfection (love me some dark chocolate), but these hit the mark!

Ahhh...settled on the couch after the kids went to bed, turned on the DVR to watch Revolution (hello - have you watched this yet?? This is going to be an awesome show!!) and ripped open the bag - finished every one of of them. Yep - surely ate the whole bag! That's how good they are! Go on - you know you wanna go try 'em out now! You won't regret it!

Have a Happy Hump Day!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Couch Bloggin'

We've had a fun & productive weekend - now I'm vegging on the couch with my iPad while Michael watches football, Emma's practicing her hand writing, & this is what Arron's doing!
I found him napping like this...

Yesterday Emma had a friend over to play and I enjoyed some good conversation with her friend's mom while the girls played & ran from Aaron! After they left we bought groceries for some new slow cooker recipes I found. I made up eight dinners to put in the freezer for easy weekday dinners. I'll just pick out our dinner for that evening & put it in the slow cooker when I head out to work...then dinner is done when we make it home! It took about an hour to put it all together and total cost per meal was less than $10! Two things I like to save - time and money!!
I've been busy! Play date in the morning & cooking all evening! Phew!!! Momma's tired!!
It was kinda fun,too & it's gonna make some easy dinners in the days to come!

Walking into church this morning I had to snap a picture of my handsome men!!
Aaron & daddy heading into church this morning!!
Yes...Aaron was representing in Sunday School today!! LOL

We had an early bday party today, too so we left church early & headed out - Emma changed into her jersey, too for the party! I swear this girl loves the Texans - she actually told me she wants a Texans birthday party this year & wants a Texans sign in her room. Of course, it has to be girly'd up for her, too!
Celebrating Jordan's bday in style!! #Texans
They made a cute pair!!
When we made it home she and I headed out to get a manicure - I love the colors she picks out. Today was hot pink with blue glitter on top.
Getting our mani-time in this afternoon!!
We are headed to Orange Leaf when Aaron wakes up. If he isn't up in 30 mins I might have to wake him myself - been craving some frozen yogurt for a while!! Mmmmm!!!!

***you can find all the recipes I used here***

Friday, September 14, 2012

Thanks Honey X3

My honey made my birthday so wonderful - despite being a semi-stressful day at the office!!

Yes, yesterday I aged yet another year. I have no shame in my age, though - I'll shout it! I'm 35!!


Okay - okay...I'm 35!!!

And Michael made yesterday so awesome for me...he leaves before me in the morning and when I opened my car door to leave for work this is what I saw...
Balloons came pouring out of my car this morning when I opened the door to get in!!
I knew he had a lot of hot air!!! Okay - bad joke, had to be said, it's over let's move on! I thought it was incredibly sweet to go through all that effort (did I mention he threw me a surprise birthday for my 30th birthday?)...he loves to surprise! And little did I know there were a couple more coming! You can't really see in the picture, but there is a card on the steering wheel, too - I got a spa treat!!

So...on to work I go and low & behold I get a call from the receptionist downstairs that I had some flowers delivered.
Received these beautiful flowers at work today from Emma & Aaron!!!! ;)
The card read that they were from Emma & Aaron - now he's teaching my kiddos how to give surprises!!! Again - very sweet honey!!!

And so we had plans to go out to dinner - it was a yucky evening & I was pretty tired when I got home, so I said let's just eat somewhere close to home. He said nothing. Oh and back up a minute - I talk to my mother on my commute to and from work every day and I had spoke to her all the way to the house - she & dad had been to the doctor & were back home & "tired" from the busy day.

So fast forward again - I'm sitting at the bar talking to Michael about dinner & the alarm dings. First I thought the door just hadn't closed all the way - then I saw a figure coming in & thought our neighbor was coming over to say happy birthday - then I realized it was my parents!! Michael had invited them over to go to dinner with us, but said not to tell me they were coming!!! I was very excited - they had come over a couple days before so I really didn't expect to see them!

So out we all went to a yummy dinner & a super yummy piezookie trio for my b'day cake!!
Michael planned a surprise dinner with Geddo & Teta and yummy Piezookies!!!
 So - from sun up to sun down I had a wonderful birthday! Thank you baby for making the whole day special for me!!! I love you!!

AND, AND, AND...I mentioned the other day we were house hunting! Well, my parents now have their house on the market & are shopping for something close to us!! They don't live far now - it's about 45 minutes - but now they are going to be right around the corner...somewhere! We are thrilled!

Before they left for their trip to France & Switzerland they let us know when they came home they were going to seriously start talking about moving. They've wanted to downsize for a while now - they have a big house and it's just the two of them now & want to get something smaller & more manageable & closer to us & the kiddos. Their house went on the market this past Tuesday & fingers crossed it'll sell quickly.

Not only a great day yesterday for me thanks to my awesome hubby, but also a good week! And hopefully a good weekend to come even with the nastiness we have outside!

Happy Friday

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Creative Commons - Heard of It???

Okay - I don't watermark my images. I never have. I really don't want to start, but people irritate me so I might just have to start doing it soon...Boo.

This morning after I read this post I thought I'd look around for a couple of my pictures that I knew had been used in an article (b/c the writer was kind & left me a comment about the use) & see what would turn up.

Well folks...this picture was apparently a hit! I found about a hundred places where it was used!

Week 1: Working from home...
Who knew that a picture of me in a tshirt & sweatpants, drinking coffee, & working on my computer would be so popular!?!? (I worked from home this day b/c we were getting new floors - so my b'fast table was filled with stuff from the living room. I don't normally keep a giraffe on the b'fast table - and I don't even have that giraffe anymore. It's actually in a coworker's office!!)

I don't mind people using my pictures - I really don't. I think it's pretty cool that you like them actually! And if family want to get pictures of the kids, that's fine, too. But when people don't use them properly that bothers me.

Flickr is a great photo sharing site - and even I use it looking for images, but I always follow the rules. Users are free to use my pictures as long as it has Attribution, it's NonCommercial Use, & No Derivative Works - don't alter my pics people!!! Most of the places I found the picture it wasn't altered - actually so far (b/c I haven't gone through all the sites) only one site altered it in any way.

Creative Commons License

That's it - how easy is that to do!?!? Be courteous people!!!!!

Monday, September 10, 2012

I'm still here...just haven't been plugged in much

We're all doing good at the Kubeczka Casa - just been taking things easy. Especially this weekend. Stayed close to home b/c we (mainly Aaron & me) weren't 100%. I've had a migraine that didn't want to leave that started last Friday and carried through until yesterday. We did try to get out of the house a little, but didn't venture far...

So, there was snuggling going on at home & lots of indoor play - Emma made me green cookies!
Green, PlayDoh cookies anyone?!?!
 Which were fabulous, of course!

And my big boy gave our little boy some extra snuggles this weekend, too - love this!!
My baby boy needed extra cuddles this weekend. He got them from my big boy!! <3
And we did a little house hunting this weekend - no, not for us. More to come on that subject later! Snow cones were also a must this weekend - had to visit our favorite snoball shack & support Mista Mack!

And, of course, it's that time of year - my house is monopolized my computers & football - fantasy football is in full swing. If you know me, then you know that I live with a football fanatic!!! I've decided it's a serious addiction. One that should have its own 12 step program. 

Otherwise, I've been in the middle of a bathroom remodel that I hope to be complete soon, so stay tuned for pics to come at no certain date in the future! :)


Sunday, September 02, 2012

A little duct tape & voila!

Emma is not a "bow girl" - we've tried bows, we have a ton of bows, we have the cool wall hangers to store bows - she just doesn't really wear them. She likes to wear her hair down and she like hair we have a ton of hair bands, too. What we do not have is a good place to store them and they've been a mess in her room for a while.

So, I saw this great idea on Pinterest (love that site) and thought how easy and cool. I love vertical storage, too btw! That's why she has a chest of drawers instead of a dresser actually b/c it takes up less floor space. So, this weekend my mother and I set out to make one. The link below has a tutorial for using scrapbook paper, but we thought we'd try something different...
We decided to let Emma pick out some fun duct tape - the roll actually said "DUCK" tape - and she picked out this pink zebra, which I love! We added some black ribbon and a little bling to the bottom and a black stand & voila! Done!!! I thought it turned out pretty good...
Mother & I put this together to hold Emma's hairbands on the outside & other hair stuff on the inside! Pinterest inspired! First attempt not bad, but may give it a 2nd try from lessons learned!
Though after we put all her head bands around it you can't even tell what it looks like after all that!!! And the inside if full, too of hair ties, ribbons for pony tails, and a few clips. Perfect idea for storage! 
I think we could've just left it saying oatmeal!! LOL! She has so many headbands you can't see the pink zebra stripes at all!
So, that was my craftiness for the weekend! 

Today we've taken it easy - went to church, let Aaron nap a while, then hit up Mista Mack's for snow cones! I'm always up for snow cones - favorite frozen treat!
Time for frozen treats!!!
Rest of the day and tomorrow is all about relaxing...

Have a fun & safe Labor Day weekend!!