Weekend Rap Up

Sunday, August 12, 2012
Well, my parents made it home yesterday!! We were so happy to see them and have them close by again! The kids decorated a welcome home sign for them - can you tell what is the 2 year old's handiwork!?!
Made a welcome home sign to greet Geddo & Teta! Can ya tell what the 2 year old's handiwork??
Now they just need to get back on regular time - mom said she was up at 2am today - napped a couple hours this afternoon - hopefully tomorrow they'll be back to normal again!!

Today we had two b'day parties, but it's hard to make them all - so we only went to one. My niece's 5th birthday. She had a Justin Bieber birthday party at the roller rink. Tons of fun!! It was Emma's 2nd time to go roller skating, but a first for Aaron. They both had a great time and did really well! Aaron was all over the place! Emma did great w/out the walker, but when she did have the walker she was zooming!!! I actually do like to roller skate and the kids loved it, so this may be something we have to start doing on a regular basis!! Would be fun! Here are a few pics of the fun!
Aaron passed out on the way home - like I said, he was on the move the whole time - so Emma & I snuck out for some girl time & some pretty toes! We enjoy our pamper time together!
Emma said it's girl time!! She's got a comfy bear to sit back on. I want one!!!
Now it's time to start another work week - I'm excited b/c I can get back to calling mom on the way to work in the morning! Yes, I call my mother during my commute!!! I've missed it this past month, too! Kids are long asleep and daddy & I are curling up watching Shark Week. We're Discovery Junkies!