We had fun in the sprinklers...

Friday, August 17, 2012
Today was a play day for all of us! Emma had a year end party at school - she and most of her class will be leaving day care and headed to Kindergarten after next week. They had a blast & she came home with some goodies!! Aaron played with friends at Grammy's house! Daddy played with one of his buddies getting ready for their first football draft - which is where he is now - and I had a pamper day! I started with a pretty manicure, then had a microderm facial (which was heavenly and I'll now be repeating every 6 weeks), a yummy Mediterranean lunch at a local favorite spot, and ended with some shopping. The shopping was actually for Emma! She racked up - I bought her a ton of school clothes!I think she is just about ready to start!!

After all that my parents came over and spent the evening with us - we had a great evening out and then cooked an easy spaghetti dinner - Emma's favorite! I've felt the need to spoil my big girl lately for some reason! Maybe b/c I know she's in for a big change, I don't know!!

When my parents left we were outside for a bit and the heat gave me an idea for the best way to end the evening - wet! So, I told the kids to run change (originally I was gonna let em run in the buff, but I knew I would take pics to share - so we nixed that idea) and headed to the backyard to run through the sprinklers a while! It was long till Aaron was zooming down the slide and from repeated trips to the grass and dirt at the bottom of the slide he was covered in mud!!!! He LOVED it!! So eventually the swim diaper was off and he was peeing on the tree! Best way to potty train a boy anyway I've been told! Ha ha! He had no problem with it!
Sprinkler Collage 2 Sprinkler Collage
I got a couple short clips of him zooming down the wet slide! I thought I was going to have a hard time getting him to come inside, but after the full day we've all had they were more tired than they thought!
We have another full day planned for tomorrow, too so they are off to get a good night's sleep - I'm off to enjoy some couch time with a glass of wine and my DVR!

Have a great night all!