No Tears So Far...So Far

Last night was "Meet the Teacher" night at Emma's school...Emma's SCHOOL! My baby girl is going to school!!!!! I know I've thrown that term around loosely when talking about her Day Care - she had a class room & with the exception of the summers she had a curriculum - but this is REAL school! She is so excited, too - can ya tell from her expression??
It was "Meet the Teacher" tonight!! Miss Emma is very excited for Monday to get here!! #Kindergarten

Yes, I'm excited - but I know come Monday I'm gonna be all tears! I haven't cried yet. I've been all smiles and happy and excited, but I know Monday that will change when we're taking her to her first day!

I have a plan, though -what is my plan? Well, I'm glad you asked! My plan is to take a million pictures b/c then my face will be hidden behind my camera & Emma won't see my tears! prepared come Monday to be bombarded with pictures of my little girl's first day of Kindergarten!

Go WolfPack!!

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