Ninety Eight Years Young

Sunday, August 26, 2012
This weekend we celebrated my Grannie's 98th birthday, which was actually on the 15th. We had a huge get-together and it was great to see everyone come out to celebrate - we had a big crowd of folks. We told her we'd have a big blowout this year, then a simple family gathering next year, then a BIG Centennial Celebration when she hits 100!! She said that sounded like a good plan!

My mother and my aunt put everything together. They did it all pretty quick, too b/c mother had been on vacation for the past month and came home and went right into party planner mode to get this all pulled together. They did a great job!
Aunt Elaine, Grannie, & Mother Grannie's 98th Bday Party
When most everyone had left we decided to start the group shots - sadly, though the boys (my two brothers and cousin) had disappeared somewhere, so just the granddaughters (me, my two sisters, and our cousin) started taking pictures with Grannie.

They started innocently enough...
but then things started going haywire - we started acting all kinds of crazy...someone suggested we throw up our "gang signs" - Grannie had her own unique one!
Crazy Granddaughters
Then at one point we were holding up all our fingers and toes to equal 98...and honestly, I don't know what else we were trying to do. I do know, though we were having fun!
Really Crazy Granddaughters
And my Grannie is one of the funniest ladies I know anyway...she loves to laugh! And once she gets tickled - that's it!! We were all laughing so hard it took a long time to gain our composure! Then we brought my mom & aunt into the pictures with us...
Granddaughters & Mothers
Things still kept making up laugh like crazy, though so all our pictures have someone with their mouth wide open - seems to be me in a lot of them! I love my cousin's expression in the very last one!

We had a great weekend! Now tonight we had to get our school routine in motion - Kindergarten starts in the morning! Emma has everything laid out and ready to go in the morning! I'm anxious for the morning to come! I just hope I can sleep!!

Good Night!! Sleep Tight!!