Look to the Heavens

Wednesday, August 22, 2012
I know I've been posting a lot pictures of the clouds lately, but that's simply b/c I've been looking up a lot. I mean, seriously, this has been the summer of storms and interesting and attractive skies! Even now I'm looking out my office window, which is 27 floors up, and I'm watching the streams of clouds change colors as the sun comes up. Yes, I am up in my office before the sun is up in the sky sometimes. Jealous???

I grew up loving bad weather honestly. My mother & I would have been storm watchers in another life I think! She and I used to sit outside or in our closed in back porch if it was raining and watch the lightening storms over the lake where I grew up! I love to watch the show it can put on! I love that eery, almost scary feeling watching big black clouds roll around the sky!
Think we'll get any rain??
It does suck though when you get all ready to go swimming not to even get a toe in the water b/c you run the risk of getting struck by said lightening! But then we just head back home to sit on the back porch again & watch the clouds roll in again!
 Yeah...umm...I don't really think the pool is a great idea right now!! #Storm coming?? Back home - new plan! Snowcones @ Mista Mack's??
And then you get the beautiful sun rays b/c the clouds are constantly trying to hide the sun from us...
 Will it rain??? Will it?? #sky #clouds
And the pretty puffy white clouds that darken as the day progresses...
It's simple...I'm ready to go!!! #photoadayaug
And then after it's all over with a rainbow...but not just any rainbow...a double rainbow - what a great ending to the show!!
  Double Rainbow!