Friday Fotos - Focus on my "Baby" Boy

Friday, August 10, 2012
Aaron has outgrown the bed at the sitter's - well, not really outgrown it, but he kept crawling out & playing with his buddy there instead of sleeping! Soooo...he started falling asleep in the playroom instead - watching tv - on Barney!! Barney is his pillow there! It's funny, so I started bringing my phone in with me to pick it up so I could snap a picture if I found him like this. He's moved himself from the floor, though to sleeping on top of the toy box/bench instead. LOL
This is how I find Aaron if he's napping when I pick him up!! #barney
He is such a big boy these days - everything he just wants to do on his own, too - he tells me, "No, I do it! I do it!!"...sigh, I guess I just have to let him sometimes. Sure am missing him being my baby, though...

Now that's a cutie pie right there!!!
The times are changing around here - the sun is waiting a little bit longer to come up in the mornings & is going down just a bit faster in the evenings. It isn't much, but it's enough that the we see the sunrise in a different spot on our morning commute. Emma always points it out to me & Aaron finds the moon if it's still up! Which is funny b/c they are on the opposite sides of where each of them sit in the car on the morning drive! LOL
Morning commute!! #sunrise #sky #clouds #horizon
They are excited for this weekend b/c tomorrow we pick up my parents from the airport - they have been on vacay for the past month!!! They were in France visiting friends for two week & then went to visit with my cousin in Switzerland and his family.

We have been Skyping with them pretty often, but can't wait to have them back home!
Skyping with Geddo & Teta whole they're overseas!! Miss them bunches!! Thankful for #technology to see then while they're far away!
And I've downloaded an app so that they can watch the progress of their flights back home - I think Emma is going to get a kick out of that! TechLove!!!

Sunday we have a two birthday parties - but they are on opposite sides of town, so I think we're only going to make one of them. Then next weekend Michael has plans, but I think I am going to finish up Emma's school shopping b/c the weekend after that is her final free weekend - then Kindergarten starts!! ACK!! BOTH my babies are getting too big on me - I miss my littles!!!