Emma's First Day of Kindergarten

Monday, August 27, 2012
We made it to the first day of Kindergarten!! I'm so excited for Emma to start this new adventure. And I can't lie - I cried my eyes out!!! I had to call my mommy when we left & she assured me that I was going to be alright. She actually told me that driving away from college was so much harder than driving away from Kindergarten.

Michael just laughed at me! Yeah - that's what I'm going to do when he's bawling like a baby walking her down the aisle one day!

She was all smiles from the second she got out of bed this morning!! 
And all sassy posing for pictures! Of course little brother had to get in on that action, too!
Kindergarten 2
She looks so grown!
Kindergarten 4
Our neighbor next door starts Kindergarten with Emma & they were in Day Care together, too. She is actually going to have several friends at school already from the neighborhood and from Day Care - which I'm excited about b/c it'll make the transition that much easier!
Kindergarten 3
When we walked in her teacher showed her where to hang her backpack every day and she pulled out all the paper work we had for day one for her teacher. She picked out a seat up front (of course, my little teacher's pet), though I think later they are going to assign seats so I don't know if that's where she'll end up! 
Just about the time we were about to walk out her grin wasn't quite as big anymore and I was worried she might get upset, but then she found paper and colors and about that time another student walked in (yeah, we were the first ones there)...so she was fine and I told Michael it was time to leave b/c I could feel the tears coming! A little breakfast & retail therapy this morning helped to make everything alright - now I'm watching the clock anxious to go pick her up!!