Saturday, August 18, 2012

All Aboard

We finally made it out to ride the trains today!! One of the bus drivers at Emma's day care became quick friends with Aaron & when he found out how much Aaron loved trains he told us about the Houston Area Steamers.

This was the coolest thing - these guys build, maintain, & drive these trains that run on coal or alcohol and they give rides once a month! Aaron & Emma loved it!!! 
Aaron, of course, had to take a couple of his own trains with him...and Emma quickly spotted the two Barbies they had propped on some of the trains!
Train Collage 4
You can see the size of the trains that we rode relative to the cars, too.
Train Collage 2
The drove us around for about 15 minutes - I forget how many acres of tracks they have, but it was awesome. We drove over bridges and through the woods - passed depots and water towers! It was really, really cool!
Train Collage 3
And they had small models, too - they ran on coal and alcohol, too just like the big ones. You can tell these guys that do this as a hobby got nervous when the kids got too close! LOL - I mean, I can understand, but it was just so apparent on their faces they were scared a kid was gonna break something!

There was a party going on while we were there and I thought it would be so cool to have Aaron's there, but they aren't open till March - so we'd have to wait about a month before we could have his party. Oh well, it'll just be a fun place to visit! And it was a blast!!



  1. Hi there

    Really cool trains, and a great hobby. I would never risk taking my nephew. lol.

  2. My son, Cody would love this! I never heard of it until now. I'm going to have to take him some time. Thanks for sharing!


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