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Another of so many firsts...

Emma is a bus rider now - and she couldn't be more thrilled! And she couldn't look more grown standing there with her friends waiting on the bus to pick her up! And I'll admit it - I got teary eyed all over again watching her get on the bus yesterday.

When she came home yesterday she was non-stop talking about her day again - so happy that she enjoys it so much! Gonna try to hold onto that feeling when she's in junior high and complaining about school!

After work & school yesterday we loaded up & drove down to the hospital to see my daddy. He had surgery yesterday morning on his neck - decompression & fusion on 4 of his vertebrae. Ouch!!

The kids were definitely good medicine for him!! He looked great & was actually already up and moving around...he even walked us to the elevator when we left! He should get discharged today - keeping our fingers crossed for a good word from the doc! 

Happy Hump Day!

Emma's First Day of Kindergarten

We made it to the first day of Kindergarten!! I'm so excited for Emma to start this new adventure. And I can't lie - I cried my eyes out!!! I had to call my mommy when we left & she assured me that I was going to be alright. She actually told me that driving away from college was so much harder than driving away from Kindergarten.

Michael just laughed at me! Yeah - that's what I'm going to do when he's bawling like a baby walking her down the aisle one day!

She was all smiles from the second she got out of bed this morning!! 
And all sassy posing for pictures! Of course little brother had to get in on that action, too!

She looks so grown!

Our neighbor next door starts Kindergarten with Emma & they were in Day Care together, too. She is actually going to have several friends at school already from the neighborhood and from Day Care - which I'm excited about b/c it'll make the transition that much easier!

When we walked in her teacher showed her w…

Ninety Eight Years Young

This weekend we celebrated my Grannie's 98th birthday, which was actually on the 15th. We had a huge get-together and it was great to see everyone come out to celebrate - we had a big crowd of folks. We told her we'd have a big blowout this year, then a simple family gathering next year, then a BIG Centennial Celebration when she hits 100!! She said that sounded like a good plan!

My mother and my aunt put everything together. They did it all pretty quick, too b/c mother had been on vacation for the past month and came home and went right into party planner mode to get this all pulled together. They did a great job!
When most everyone had left we decided to start the group shots - sadly, though the boys (my two brothers and cousin) had disappeared somewhere, so just the granddaughters (me, my two sisters, and our cousin) started taking pictures with Grannie.

They started innocently enough... but then things started going haywire - we started acting all kinds of crazy...someo…

No Tears So Far...So Far

Last night was "Meet the Teacher" night at Emma's school...Emma's SCHOOL! My baby girl is going to school!!!!! I know I've thrown that term around loosely when talking about her Day Care - she had a class room & with the exception of the summers she had a curriculum - but this is REAL school! She is so excited, too - can ya tell from her expression??

Yes, I'm excited - but I know come Monday I'm gonna be all tears! I haven't cried yet. I've been all smiles and happy and excited, but I know Monday that will change when we're taking her to her first day!

I have a plan, though -what is my plan? Well, I'm glad you asked! My plan is to take a million pictures b/c then my face will be hidden behind my camera & Emma won't see my tears! prepared come Monday to be bombarded with pictures of my little girl's first day of Kindergarten!

Go WolfPack!!

Look to the Heavens

I know I've been posting a lot pictures of the clouds lately, but that's simply b/c I've been looking up a lot. I mean, seriously, this has been the summer of storms and interesting and attractive skies! Even now I'm looking out my office window, which is 27 floors up, and I'm watching the streams of clouds change colors as the sun comes up. Yes, I am up in my office before the sun is up in the sky sometimes. Jealous???

I grew up loving bad weather honestly. My mother & I would have been storm watchers in another life I think! She and I used to sit outside or in our closed in back porch if it was raining and watch the lightening storms over the lake where I grew up! I love to watch the show it can put on! I love that eery, almost scary feeling watching big black clouds roll around the sky!

It does suck though when you get all ready to go swimming not to even get a toe in the water b/c you run the risk of getting struck by said lightening! But then we just head …

Beautiful Skies

It has actually cooled off down here...I mean, it's 92 and feels like 92, not like 105! And this morning it was 76 degrees - not 86 & feeling like 96! Gonna enjoy it while we can!! Have a fantastic day!!

All Aboard

We finally made it out to ride the trains today!! One of the bus drivers at Emma's day care became quick friends with Aaron & when he found out how much Aaron loved trains he told us about the Houston Area Steamers.

This was the coolest thing - these guys build, maintain, & drive these trains that run on coal or alcohol and they give rides once a month! Aaron & Emma loved it!!! 
Aaron, of course, had to take a couple of his own trains with him...and Emma quickly spotted the two Barbies they had propped on some of the trains!
You can see the size of the trains that we rode relative to the cars, too.
The drove us around for about 15 minutes - I forget how many acres of tracks they have, but it was awesome. We drove over bridges and through the woods - passed depots and water towers! It was really, really cool!
And they had small models, too - they ran on coal and alcohol, too just like the big ones. You can tell these guys that do this as a hobby got nervous when th…

We had fun in the sprinklers...

Today was a play day for all of us! Emma had a year end party at school - she and most of her class will be leaving day care and headed to Kindergarten after next week. They had a blast & she came home with some goodies!! Aaron played with friends at Grammy's house! Daddy played with one of his buddies getting ready for their first football draft - which is where he is now - and I had a pamper day! I started with a pretty manicure, then had a microderm facial (which was heavenly and I'll now be repeating every 6 weeks), a yummy Mediterranean lunch at a local favorite spot, and ended with some shopping. The shopping was actually for Emma! She racked up - I bought her a ton of school clothes!I think she is just about ready to start!!

After all that my parents came over and spent the evening with us - we had a great evening out and then cooked an easy spaghetti dinner - Emma's favorite! I've felt the need to spoil my big girl lately for some reason! Maybe b/c I know s…

Weekend Rap Up

Well, my parents made it home yesterday!! We were so happy to see them and have them close by again! The kids decorated a welcome home sign for them - can you tell what is the 2 year old's handiwork!?!
Now they just need to get back on regular time - mom said she was up at 2am today - napped a couple hours this afternoon - hopefully tomorrow they'll be back to normal again!!

Today we had two b'day parties, but it's hard to make them all - so we only went to one. My niece's 5th birthday. She had a Justin Bieber birthday party at the roller rink. Tons of fun!! It was Emma's 2nd time to go roller skating, but a first for Aaron. They both had a great time and did really well! Aaron was all over the place! Emma did great w/out the walker, but when she did have the walker she was zooming!!! I actually do like to roller skate and the kids loved it, so this may be something we have to start doing on a regular basis!! Would be fun! Here are a few pics of the fun!

Friday Fotos - Focus on my "Baby" Boy

Aaron has outgrown the bed at the sitter's - well, not really outgrown it, but he kept crawling out & playing with his buddy there instead of sleeping! Soooo...he started falling asleep in the playroom instead - watching tv - on Barney!! Barney is his pillow there! It's funny, so I started bringing my phone in with me to pick it up so I could snap a picture if I found him like this. He's moved himself from the floor, though to sleeping on top of the toy box/bench instead. LOL
He is such a big boy these days - everything he just wants to do on his own, too - he tells me, "No, I do it! I do it!!"...sigh, I guess I just have to let him sometimes. Sure am missing him being my baby, though...

The times are changing around here - the sun is waiting a little bit longer to come up in the mornings & is going down just a bit faster in the evenings. It isn't much, but it's enough that the we see the sunrise in a different spot on our morning commute. Emma al…

Ready to make a Splash!?!? thing about the Texas heat, no matter how bad it gets, no where does the water feel any better than here! We spent the day at my sister's house in the water with all the kiddos - my two great-niece's were celebrating their birthdays. I must confess I thoroughly enjoyed myself in the water as well and we're actually headed back out to the pool shortly. Michael and I have been working in the yard all afternoon and worked up a sweat that is best squelched by taking a dip in the water! Michael already watered me down when he was watering the plants - yeah, he thought he was being funny.

Hope you're having a great weekend, too!