Weekend iPhone View & Honey Do's

Monday, July 23, 2012
We were pretty much on the go, nonstop all weekend. And we tackled several projects, too - I love productive weekends!!

Saturday morning we Skyped with my parents. They are in France right now...they'll be there for a couple weeks visiting friends. Then they'll be heading to Switzerland via train for a couple more weeks to visit my cousin. He & his wife just had their second baby - he is three weeks old now! I wish we could've joined them on this trip! We miss bunches, so it's awesome to be able to sit & chat with them online!
Skyping with Geddo & Teta whole they're overseas!! Miss them bunches!! Thankful for #technology to see then while they're far away!
After talking with them a while & getting the house cleaned up & in order, we headed out of the house! First stop - fabric store!!

I've wanted to recover the chairs at our breakfast table for a long, long time. And a couple weeks ago we got new living room & bedroom furniture, which made the old chairs look that much more shabby. So, Saturday morning we headed out the door to start our day & upholstery was one of the many items on our list for the day. I'm really happy with how they turned out, too - Michael did the heavy lifting for me - taking the chairs apart & pulling old staples, then I recovered them, & he put them all back together for me! Originally I wanted a much lighter fabric - but in the end I just really liked this pattern and the hints of colors in it, so while I didn't lighten the chairs up a whole lot, I think they definitely got prettied up!
New Old Chairs
Along with helping me recover the chairs, Michael also hung some great shelves in the potty room (yeah, that's what I call it) in our bathroom - I will post pics when that is complete. I still want to do some more painting & put up some sconces in there. He also replaced our doorbell, which has been on the fritz for a while...sounds much better now!

After all the running around Saturday, Emma & I decided our feet needed a break...and a little pampering!
She likes the #massage chair!! #pamper #girltime
My pedicure was long overdue...
Been on our feet all day. Time to pamper them now! #pedicure
Ahhhh...that's much better!
Now I have pretty pink toes!! ;)
I also gave myself a quick 5 minute manicure using this gem from Sally Hansen! I don't do my right hand quite as well, but it still turned out pretty good!
Tried Sally Hansen French Manicure Pen tonight! Instant home manicure! I like it!! #nails
And we spent some time playing outside - the rain is gone, but the heat is pretty brutal, so our time outside was in short bursts! Long enough to get pretty flowers from my sweet girl, though!
Awwee...my sweet girl gave me #flowers!!
Saturday night they were both pretty worn out from the busy day - they both crashed out in our bed all snuggled up!
They fell asleep watching cartoons in my bed all snuggled up!
We stayed close to home most of the day Sunday - went to church & out to breakfast, where Aaron proceeded to drink from the creamer dish informing us that it was his coffee!
Out to bfast after church - Aaron said this was his coffee!!
After we ate we headed home - Aaron napped, Emma "rested", and Michael finished out some more honey do's for me...he put in some hours for me this weekend - gotta thank that man!! When it cooled down we ventured back out for frozen yogurt. Aaron discovered the cool chairs & decided that they were his "time tunnel" (Dinosaur Train reference) and kept crawling through them! LOL
Yummy goodness @OrangeLeaf! Then Aaron discovered the "Time Tunnel" under the chairs!! #DinosaurTrain #dessert
All in all it was a pretty great weekend! We got a lot done & had some fun! Now it's time to get back to work - it's gonna be another busy week ahead!