Weekend Catchup

Sunday, July 01, 2012
My poor sweet boy came down with something this weekend. He spiked a high fever Friday evening after his nap and though it went down, it still hadn't broke by the morning so I took him in to see the doctor.
Sweet boy. His fever was back after church, but very low. He's taking a long nap this afternoon now.
He tested negative for everything they looked for, so they just gave him an antibiotic to take care of whatever it was. Last night when he went to bed was the first time his temp had been normal and he woke up this morning with no fever as well. Though after church he was a little warm. He ate good at lunch, but crashed soon after and is still out. A long nap will be good for him, especially since he was up (and had me up) before the sun this morning!

We had a wet Friday & Saturday so we spent a lot of time indoors this weekend (with the exception of a water gun war early Friday - Emma has good strategy I must say - she soaked me)...and learned some new stuff, too! Like how to make our own microwave popcorn (thanks again Pinterest)! Growing up we never bought microwave popcorn - we either made it on the stove or in an air popper. My kiddos love popcorn now and think if we're sitting down to watch a movie they must have a bowl of popcorn, too! I think from now on we'll just use this method - it was quick and easy, cheap, & much better for you than store bought microwave popcorn.

Just pop 1/2 a cup of popcorn into a brown paper bag, roll the top down a couple of times, place it in the microwave, and hit the popcorn button - or set it for three minutess (roughly) if your microwave doesn't have a popcorn button.
photo 2.JPG
So, when the kids made a pallet to watch a movie this weekend at my parents' this is how we made the popcorn for them.
Tucked in for movie and lots of popcorn!!
We also made pesto, homemade meat sauce, sorbets, and a yummy new tilapia recipe this weekend. Like I said, it was rainy and wet outside, so we spent a lot of time in Teta's kitchen this weekend. I think I went a little wild with the garlic in the pesto, but it was still tasty!! And we used Greek yogurt in the tilapia recipe, which was so wonderful. I've never cooked with it before, but it may become a staple in my house going forward.
photo 3.JPG
Other than cooking we also played beauty shop and got braid happy on Emma's hair!
We got #braid happy on this rainy day!!
She slept in these last night, so she had pretty wavy hair for church today! 

I've enjoyed my week as a pretend SAHM, but now I have to go back to reality and to work tomorrow. It has been a fun and productive week and Emma had a great week at VBS, too. She is anxious to go back again already! 

So, here's to a good (and quick) week ahead - at least it'll be a short one, too!

Happy Sunday!