Visiting Grannie

Monday, July 30, 2012
The kids and I took a road trip this weekend to go visit my Grannie! We haven't been up there in a while and were all missing one another! It was a nice little getaway for us. The kids love their Grannie & loved being up in the country!

Sunday morning on the way to church we took a quick few minutes to sit in the swing for pictures! I couldn't believe I got Aaron to smile and say cheese AT the camera & not looking away!! Well, he did that until the tickling started anyway!! :)
Grannie Grannie Grannie
Then Emma decided it was her turn to be the photographer - so she snapped a few pictures of me & Grannie. She did good, but can you tell how uncomfortable I am in front of the camera!?!
We had a nice weekend...played with cousins, swam, went to church, & just relaxed! I did practice a 5 strand braid I'm been trying to master on Emma's hair, too - she wore it to church Sunday, though by the end of the day it wasn't so nice & neat anymore! HA! Go figure...
Practicing my 5 strand braid. Far from perfect yet, but practice makes perfect, right?!?! #hair
Now to just learn how to do this on myself!!
Daddy was ready for us to get home & had a little surprise for us - more to come on that later, though! We did run around a little bit after we got home & the kids got an impromptu lesson on birds & got to feed some!
Feeding the birds...Aaron patiently awaiting his turn!!
They thought this was the coolest thing! And they did so well - they were slow, patient, waited quietly on one another to take turns...soooo unlike them! Ha ha! And no - we are NOT getting any birds for the house!! They can just visit them from time to time! LOL!

The next few weekends are already booked up...and we're planning one more family getaway before school starts - plus we have to fit in some school shopping in there sometime!! I have a feeling the next month is simply going to FLY there a secret to slow it down!?!? Please share if you've discovered it!!!