Thursday, July 19, 2012

Still More Cloudy Skies & Cookies

I honestly cannot complain - this weather is keeping the temperature down & I love storm watching!!
This is my view today...not quite as dark as before...
On a more yummy note, I found a recipe for Cookies for One...on Pinterest, of course!! I tried one out Monday night, but it was after the kids went to bed. Hey, I promise I didn't find it till then!! I decided we needed a 2nd opinion on them, so Emma helped me make 4 individual ones last night - they were a hit!!
Single serve #cookies for #dessert again tonight! This could become a problem!! A yummy one!
This time, though, daddy brought out the ice cream & scooped it on top of each one while they were all hot & gooey! Mmmm...these could be dangerous - they are just too quick & easy to make! :)

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  1. Those cookies do sound dangerously delicious and easy to make! I am definitely going to have to go check it out :D Thanks for sharing!


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