July 4th Festivities

Thursday, July 05, 2012
Happy Independence Day...

I hope you had a memorable day & said a prayer of thanks to all the people that make our freedom possible every day!

We had a very full Independence Day celebration. We started on the 3rd with a block party. We typically have these on the 4th, but it worked out to have it the day before this year & it actually turned out great b/c we were able to drive up to my work and watch the fireworks from the rooftop of our parking garage - very cool view! (Granted it would have been so much better had I not had one of the worst migraines ever. Ugh)

We started the 4th in the water, though...we left the house early and stayed at the waterpark until lunchtime.
Raining down!! #water
How cool is this!! Let's see which direction it goes when I step on it! #water
Splashdown!!!! #water
Wouldya look at her muscles!!! Going in head first! Would you look at her muscles!! #water
Aaron splashed down & took a dive under water! Aaron sped down the slide and took a dive underwater!! #water #splash
Not my finest shot LOL - but I just love the look on Aaron's face!
Ignore my goofy grin please - I just loved the look on his sweet face!
Emma & daddy sliding together!
Emma & daddy sliding together! #water
We had a blast in the water & the kids were worn out - after lunch they came home & crashed for a while! Well, Emma just "rested" since she doesn't nap anymore! LOL! Michael and I got cleaned up and dressed & my parents came over to go watch the fireworks with us. It was a pretty cool view from the rooftop of the garage!
And the kids thought it was cool to see everything from so high, too! Aaron wanted to throw everything over the side - luckily, a bottle cap was all he was successful with! Ha ha!
July 4th
As for that migraine, it was bad but I was still able to enjoy the show. I was happy when it was over so I could lay down my head, though. I have been lucky & haven't had one that bad in a very long time! I hope it's a long time before the next one.

I hope you all had a wonderful Independence Day as well!