iPhoneography via PhotoADay(July)

Friday, July 27, 2012
So, I follow along with Chantelle on her PhotoADay challenge via Instagram. I never get 100% of the days photographed, but I do try very, very hard...and this week I thought I'd link that up with Courtney for her iPhoneography challenge! Yeah - the whole two birds, one stone thing, right?/  I try to link up with Courtney on Fridays, but again I never get 100% there either. Hey - I'm a busy lady, alright!!! I do what I can with the time I have! :)

This week I actually did pretty good! I got all five of the weekdays captured - go me!

Day  23: Mirror
"I was looking back too see if you were looking back at me..."
"I was looking back to see if you were looking back at me!" #photoadayjuly #mirror #reflection
Day 24: A Stranger
"Never forget who you are..." - caught myself in a time of self reflection. Hey - I can be deep!
Never forget who you are. #photoadayjuly #stranger #selfportrait
Day 25: Heart
"These two fill my heart"
They fill my #heart!! #photoadayjuly #popcorn
Day 26: Sunshine
"Sun peeking up over the horizon"
I feel the #sun shining down on me... #photoadayjuly #sunshine #sunrise #morning # sky #clouds
Day 27: On the road
"Another beautiful drive into work this morning"
Another beautiful drive in this morning! #photoadayjuly #clouds #ontheroad #sunrise #sky
The skies have been beautiful here lately with all the changing weather - I've loved seeing everyone's awesome captures!

On a separate note - so glad the weekend has finally arrived. I'm cutting out a little early today - gonna have some playtime with my family and then off on a little roadtrip! This work week hasn't been to hectic, but a break away is needed at this point. And the rain is supposed to stay away until next Thursday, so we'll have a good, dry weekend with lots of playtime!

Hope your weekend is fabulous!!