Grilled Bruschetta Chicken

Monday, July 09, 2012
So tonight I put two of our favorite things together! Food cooked on the grill and bruschetta!
Michael was grilling steaks & veggies tonight so I added this yummy goodness, too!
(forgive the not-great pics - I forgot about pics & snapped some quickly before the chicken hit the grill)

I butterflied the chicken breast, put sliced smoked mozzarella cheese,sliced tomatoes, & basil inside - folded them back together, secured them with toothpicks and marinated them in balsamic vinegar. Onto the grill they went!!

OhEmGee!! This was so super yummy! I can't even tell you! One thing I might do differently next time is to butterfly and marinate the chicken way ahead of time and let it really soak up the flavor of the balsamic vinegar.

It was definitely a hit - as was daddy's steaks and the grilled veggies...and of course I had to make some garlic & cheese biscuits, too. Just a little fresh garlic rubbed on top of the biscuits with some cheese and viola!

Sleeping with full & satisfied bellies tonight!