Friday Fotos

Friday, July 13, 2012
So, I came home yesterday & my sweet hubby has these beauties for me...
Thanks honey!!
Thank you honey!!! I {heart} you, too!

My sweet girl had pretty flowers in her hair, too yesterday - this is her new favorite hair accessory! I think she would wear it every day!!
My beautiful daughter!
We couldn't play outside much b/c of the weather, but we spent as much time as we could yesterday out on the back porch enjoying the calm after the storm. The kiddos had their popsicles outside after dinner yesterday! They always taste better outside anyway - right?

Everything just looked so crisp & clean after all the rain...
Calm after the storm
The skies are still gray & delivering a lot of rain today and I think it'll be the same all weekend. I know we need it, but it starts to get dreary after a while and we start to get a little bit of cabin fever, too...

Stay dry this weekend if you're close to HTown!