Monday, July 30, 2012

Visiting Grannie

The kids and I took a road trip this weekend to go visit my Grannie! We haven't been up there in a while and were all missing one another! It was a nice little getaway for us. The kids love their Grannie & loved being up in the country!

Sunday morning on the way to church we took a quick few minutes to sit in the swing for pictures! I couldn't believe I got Aaron to smile and say cheese AT the camera & not looking away!! Well, he did that until the tickling started anyway!! :)
Grannie Grannie Grannie
Then Emma decided it was her turn to be the photographer - so she snapped a few pictures of me & Grannie. She did good, but can you tell how uncomfortable I am in front of the camera!?!
We had a nice weekend...played with cousins, swam, went to church, & just relaxed! I did practice a 5 strand braid I'm been trying to master on Emma's hair, too - she wore it to church Sunday, though by the end of the day it wasn't so nice & neat anymore! HA! Go figure...
Practicing my 5 strand braid. Far from perfect yet, but practice makes perfect, right?!?! #hair
Now to just learn how to do this on myself!!
Daddy was ready for us to get home & had a little surprise for us - more to come on that later, though! We did run around a little bit after we got home & the kids got an impromptu lesson on birds & got to feed some!
Feeding the birds...Aaron patiently awaiting his turn!!
They thought this was the coolest thing! And they did so well - they were slow, patient, waited quietly on one another to take turns...soooo unlike them! Ha ha! And no - we are NOT getting any birds for the house!! They can just visit them from time to time! LOL!

The next few weekends are already booked up...and we're planning one more family getaway before school starts - plus we have to fit in some school shopping in there sometime!! I have a feeling the next month is simply going to FLY there a secret to slow it down!?!? Please share if you've discovered it!!!

Friday, July 27, 2012

iPhoneography via PhotoADay(July)

So, I follow along with Chantelle on her PhotoADay challenge via Instagram. I never get 100% of the days photographed, but I do try very, very hard...and this week I thought I'd link that up with Courtney for her iPhoneography challenge! Yeah - the whole two birds, one stone thing, right?/  I try to link up with Courtney on Fridays, but again I never get 100% there either. Hey - I'm a busy lady, alright!!! I do what I can with the time I have! :)

This week I actually did pretty good! I got all five of the weekdays captured - go me!

Day  23: Mirror
"I was looking back too see if you were looking back at me..."
"I was looking back to see if you were looking back at me!" #photoadayjuly #mirror #reflection
Day 24: A Stranger
"Never forget who you are..." - caught myself in a time of self reflection. Hey - I can be deep!
Never forget who you are. #photoadayjuly #stranger #selfportrait
Day 25: Heart
"These two fill my heart"
They fill my #heart!! #photoadayjuly #popcorn
Day 26: Sunshine
"Sun peeking up over the horizon"
I feel the #sun shining down on me... #photoadayjuly #sunshine #sunrise #morning # sky #clouds
Day 27: On the road
"Another beautiful drive into work this morning"
Another beautiful drive in this morning! #photoadayjuly #clouds #ontheroad #sunrise #sky
The skies have been beautiful here lately with all the changing weather - I've loved seeing everyone's awesome captures!

On a separate note - so glad the weekend has finally arrived. I'm cutting out a little early today - gonna have some playtime with my family and then off on a little roadtrip! This work week hasn't been to hectic, but a break away is needed at this point. And the rain is supposed to stay away until next Thursday, so we'll have a good, dry weekend with lots of playtime!

Hope your weekend is fabulous!!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Weekend iPhone View & Honey Do's

We were pretty much on the go, nonstop all weekend. And we tackled several projects, too - I love productive weekends!!

Saturday morning we Skyped with my parents. They are in France right now...they'll be there for a couple weeks visiting friends. Then they'll be heading to Switzerland via train for a couple more weeks to visit my cousin. He & his wife just had their second baby - he is three weeks old now! I wish we could've joined them on this trip! We miss bunches, so it's awesome to be able to sit & chat with them online!
Skyping with Geddo & Teta whole they're overseas!! Miss them bunches!! Thankful for #technology to see then while they're far away!
After talking with them a while & getting the house cleaned up & in order, we headed out of the house! First stop - fabric store!!

I've wanted to recover the chairs at our breakfast table for a long, long time. And a couple weeks ago we got new living room & bedroom furniture, which made the old chairs look that much more shabby. So, Saturday morning we headed out the door to start our day & upholstery was one of the many items on our list for the day. I'm really happy with how they turned out, too - Michael did the heavy lifting for me - taking the chairs apart & pulling old staples, then I recovered them, & he put them all back together for me! Originally I wanted a much lighter fabric - but in the end I just really liked this pattern and the hints of colors in it, so while I didn't lighten the chairs up a whole lot, I think they definitely got prettied up!
New Old Chairs
Along with helping me recover the chairs, Michael also hung some great shelves in the potty room (yeah, that's what I call it) in our bathroom - I will post pics when that is complete. I still want to do some more painting & put up some sconces in there. He also replaced our doorbell, which has been on the fritz for a while...sounds much better now!

After all the running around Saturday, Emma & I decided our feet needed a break...and a little pampering!
She likes the #massage chair!! #pamper #girltime
My pedicure was long overdue...
Been on our feet all day. Time to pamper them now! #pedicure
Ahhhh...that's much better!
Now I have pretty pink toes!! ;)
I also gave myself a quick 5 minute manicure using this gem from Sally Hansen! I don't do my right hand quite as well, but it still turned out pretty good!
Tried Sally Hansen French Manicure Pen tonight! Instant home manicure! I like it!! #nails
And we spent some time playing outside - the rain is gone, but the heat is pretty brutal, so our time outside was in short bursts! Long enough to get pretty flowers from my sweet girl, though! sweet girl gave me #flowers!!
Saturday night they were both pretty worn out from the busy day - they both crashed out in our bed all snuggled up!
They fell asleep watching cartoons in my bed all snuggled up!
We stayed close to home most of the day Sunday - went to church & out to breakfast, where Aaron proceeded to drink from the creamer dish informing us that it was his coffee!
Out to bfast after church - Aaron said this was his coffee!!
After we ate we headed home - Aaron napped, Emma "rested", and Michael finished out some more honey do's for me...he put in some hours for me this weekend - gotta thank that man!! When it cooled down we ventured back out for frozen yogurt. Aaron discovered the cool chairs & decided that they were his "time tunnel" (Dinosaur Train reference) and kept crawling through them! LOL
Yummy goodness @OrangeLeaf! Then Aaron discovered the "Time Tunnel" under the chairs!! #DinosaurTrain #dessert
All in all it was a pretty great weekend! We got a lot done & had some fun! Now it's time to get back to work - it's gonna be another busy week ahead!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Still More Cloudy Skies & Cookies

I honestly cannot complain - this weather is keeping the temperature down & I love storm watching!!
This is my view today...not quite as dark as before...
On a more yummy note, I found a recipe for Cookies for One...on Pinterest, of course!! I tried one out Monday night, but it was after the kids went to bed. Hey, I promise I didn't find it till then!! I decided we needed a 2nd opinion on them, so Emma helped me make 4 individual ones last night - they were a hit!!
Single serve #cookies for #dessert again tonight! This could become a problem!! A yummy one!
This time, though, daddy brought out the ice cream & scooped it on top of each one while they were all hot & gooey! Mmmm...these could be dangerous - they are just too quick & easy to make! :)

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

It's Still Storming Here

In the background at work all I hear is thunder, rain, & a matter of minutes it's turned dark outside & this is my view...
I just hope that before I leave it'll pass over. I love storms, but I don't like driving in them...especially with my little people in the back!

When I took these pics I could actually see out of my windows - now I can't see anything but black out there...

Friday, July 13, 2012

Friday Fotos

So, I came home yesterday & my sweet hubby has these beauties for me...
Thanks honey!!
Thank you honey!!! I {heart} you, too!

My sweet girl had pretty flowers in her hair, too yesterday - this is her new favorite hair accessory! I think she would wear it every day!!
My beautiful daughter!
We couldn't play outside much b/c of the weather, but we spent as much time as we could yesterday out on the back porch enjoying the calm after the storm. The kiddos had their popsicles outside after dinner yesterday! They always taste better outside anyway - right?

Everything just looked so crisp & clean after all the rain...
Calm after the storm
The skies are still gray & delivering a lot of rain today and I think it'll be the same all weekend. I know we need it, but it starts to get dreary after a while and we start to get a little bit of cabin fever, too...

Stay dry this weekend if you're close to HTown!

Monday, July 09, 2012

Grilled Bruschetta Chicken

So tonight I put two of our favorite things together! Food cooked on the grill and bruschetta!
Michael was grilling steaks & veggies tonight so I added this yummy goodness, too!
(forgive the not-great pics - I forgot about pics & snapped some quickly before the chicken hit the grill)

I butterflied the chicken breast, put sliced smoked mozzarella cheese,sliced tomatoes, & basil inside - folded them back together, secured them with toothpicks and marinated them in balsamic vinegar. Onto the grill they went!!

OhEmGee!! This was so super yummy! I can't even tell you! One thing I might do differently next time is to butterfly and marinate the chicken way ahead of time and let it really soak up the flavor of the balsamic vinegar.

It was definitely a hit - as was daddy's steaks and the grilled veggies...and of course I had to make some garlic & cheese biscuits, too. Just a little fresh garlic rubbed on top of the biscuits with some cheese and viola!

Sleeping with full & satisfied bellies tonight!

Friday, July 06, 2012

iPhoneography Friday & What's Up for the Weekend

I posted the bulk of my recent iPhone pics yesterday, but I am going to post them again today for iPhoneography Friday b/c I could re-post pics of my babies playing every day...b/c it's my blog...b/c I can do whatever I want...b/c it's my prerogative!! Ya get it...

I do have a couple to add, though b/c I used a new NailDress from KISS yesterday that I really like...
Tried out a new naildress tonight! #nails #kiss
Isn't it pretty?? (After the pic I realized I had a few rough edges I've since filed smooth!)
Emma stole some of her daddy's Snowcone! He doesn't look like he wanted to share!! Hee Hee!
And yesterday, I convinced hubby that snow cones were much more fun than mowing the yard, so he played hooky from yard work & we all headed to our favorite snow cone shack - Mista Mack's - and treated ourselves! Emma tried to steal a bite from her daddy's - he didn't wanna share, though! LOL

And like I said, b/c I can, I'm re-posting a collage of a few recent iPhone pics today...

I don't know what we are going to get into this weekend...there are a few things I'd love to check out.


The Pleasure Pier in Galveston that's been open too long to say we haven't been yet...(just don't know if the weather this weekend is supposed to cooperate or not.)

The Dinosaurs at the zoo... we visited the Paleontology Exhibit at HMNS & that was a huge hit with everyone. And Aaron loves dinosaurs so much, I know he'll love the ones at the zoo...again depends on the weather b/c that's another outdoor event.

If the weather isn't nice, we'll be looking for something to do indoors...any fun suggestions if you're local!?!?
What are your plans for the weekend!?!?

Thursday, July 05, 2012

July 4th Festivities

Happy Independence Day...

I hope you had a memorable day & said a prayer of thanks to all the people that make our freedom possible every day!

We had a very full Independence Day celebration. We started on the 3rd with a block party. We typically have these on the 4th, but it worked out to have it the day before this year & it actually turned out great b/c we were able to drive up to my work and watch the fireworks from the rooftop of our parking garage - very cool view! (Granted it would have been so much better had I not had one of the worst migraines ever. Ugh)

We started the 4th in the water, though...we left the house early and stayed at the waterpark until lunchtime.
Raining down!! #water
How cool is this!! Let's see which direction it goes when I step on it! #water
Splashdown!!!! #water
Wouldya look at her muscles!!! Going in head first! Would you look at her muscles!! #water
Aaron splashed down & took a dive under water! Aaron sped down the slide and took a dive underwater!! #water #splash
Not my finest shot LOL - but I just love the look on Aaron's face!
Ignore my goofy grin please - I just loved the look on his sweet face!
Emma & daddy sliding together!
Emma & daddy sliding together! #water
We had a blast in the water & the kids were worn out - after lunch they came home & crashed for a while! Well, Emma just "rested" since she doesn't nap anymore! LOL! Michael and I got cleaned up and dressed & my parents came over to go watch the fireworks with us. It was a pretty cool view from the rooftop of the garage!
And the kids thought it was cool to see everything from so high, too! Aaron wanted to throw everything over the side - luckily, a bottle cap was all he was successful with! Ha ha!
July 4th
As for that migraine, it was bad but I was still able to enjoy the show. I was happy when it was over so I could lay down my head, though. I have been lucky & haven't had one that bad in a very long time! I hope it's a long time before the next one.

I hope you all had a wonderful Independence Day as well!

Sunday, July 01, 2012

Weekend Catchup

My poor sweet boy came down with something this weekend. He spiked a high fever Friday evening after his nap and though it went down, it still hadn't broke by the morning so I took him in to see the doctor.
Sweet boy. His fever was back after church, but very low. He's taking a long nap this afternoon now.
He tested negative for everything they looked for, so they just gave him an antibiotic to take care of whatever it was. Last night when he went to bed was the first time his temp had been normal and he woke up this morning with no fever as well. Though after church he was a little warm. He ate good at lunch, but crashed soon after and is still out. A long nap will be good for him, especially since he was up (and had me up) before the sun this morning!

We had a wet Friday & Saturday so we spent a lot of time indoors this weekend (with the exception of a water gun war early Friday - Emma has good strategy I must say - she soaked me)...and learned some new stuff, too! Like how to make our own microwave popcorn (thanks again Pinterest)! Growing up we never bought microwave popcorn - we either made it on the stove or in an air popper. My kiddos love popcorn now and think if we're sitting down to watch a movie they must have a bowl of popcorn, too! I think from now on we'll just use this method - it was quick and easy, cheap, & much better for you than store bought microwave popcorn.

Just pop 1/2 a cup of popcorn into a brown paper bag, roll the top down a couple of times, place it in the microwave, and hit the popcorn button - or set it for three minutess (roughly) if your microwave doesn't have a popcorn button.
photo 2.JPG
So, when the kids made a pallet to watch a movie this weekend at my parents' this is how we made the popcorn for them.
Tucked in for movie and lots of popcorn!!
We also made pesto, homemade meat sauce, sorbets, and a yummy new tilapia recipe this weekend. Like I said, it was rainy and wet outside, so we spent a lot of time in Teta's kitchen this weekend. I think I went a little wild with the garlic in the pesto, but it was still tasty!! And we used Greek yogurt in the tilapia recipe, which was so wonderful. I've never cooked with it before, but it may become a staple in my house going forward.
photo 3.JPG
Other than cooking we also played beauty shop and got braid happy on Emma's hair!
We got #braid happy on this rainy day!!
She slept in these last night, so she had pretty wavy hair for church today! 

I've enjoyed my week as a pretend SAHM, but now I have to go back to reality and to work tomorrow. It has been a fun and productive week and Emma had a great week at VBS, too. She is anxious to go back again already! 

So, here's to a good (and quick) week ahead - at least it'll be a short one, too!

Happy Sunday!