A Very Girlie Day

Tuesday, June 26, 2012
Today has been a day of pampering...first for me, then for my mini me!

I met up with a friend this morning to catch up over a couple of pedicures...my feet were very thankful! We haven't seen one another in way too long & it was awesome to catch up. I was sad to cut it short, but before I knew it VBS was over and it was time for me to pick up Emma. Then we were headed for more girl time - this time for the little girls! Emma and Addison were treated to their own spa day and it was so fun! Addison chose Princess style, while my little miss outside-the-box (love her) wanted rock style! They had a blast!!!
Girlie Afternoon Girlie Afternoon
The girls loved every bit of it & were sent home with their own bottle of spray glitter for their hair! I have  feeling it won't last the summer! Ha ha! I think when it's time for her next hair cut, this might be the place she wants to go. There was even a little boy there when we first arrived getting his hair cut, but I think daddy may choose to keep going to Camo Cuts with our little man. Ya think??? I can't wait to see his reaction to her "do" and all that glitter!