Odds & Ends

Friday, June 15, 2012
Geddo built a fabulous swing for his grandbabies a few years ago...then recently he's added a rope swing, too! And then put a wooden disc on it last week - Emma loved it! She said she was going to swing on this all the time!!
We haven't got to be outside much since last weekend b/c it's been such nasty weather, but last night we spent some time playing outside with friends after I got home from boot camp. I started a boot camp with friends a couple weeks ago & so far it's going great. I have muscles sore that I didn't even know I had! LOL! We keep saying we need to get a picture of all of us together - the class is big, but there are 7 of us that joined together. So far, between the boot camp & diet I've lost 15lbs!! I have a looong way to go, of course, but it's a very good start and this progress is so motivating!

Also, I am beginning a herb garden - I've grown herbs before, but haven't had any in a while. I just want to stick to pots this time, too though b/c I don't want them to get too out of hand. Mint can invade everything if you aren't careful! I'm constantly buying herbs from the store, so it just makes sense. Basil, Rosemary, & Mint to start with this time. I'd love to add cilantro, too but I started these with cuttings from mother & she didn't have any cilantro at the time. The basil and mint have already rooted, so I could go ahead & put them in the ground. Still waiting on the rosemary, though. 
So, that's my Friday randomness for now...

I'm ready to get the workweek over! I hope you all have a fun & full weekend!