Keeping up with the Kubeczka' iPhone Update

Wednesday, June 20, 2012
I know it isn't Friday (Boo), but I thought I'd give an iPhoneography update anyway!!!

Aaron has ventured into the world of play-doh, don't know if that's a mistake or not! Up until this point I had only let Emma pull it out when he was napping! LOL - he did pretty good, though - didn't make too big of a mess and I think he thoroughly enjoyed himself with it. They were laughing hysterically the entire time they were playing. I never got let in on the joke, though, but I sure loved listening to the laughter!
He also helped Emma out with her chores...sort of! Emma puts up all of her own clothes, except her dresses b/c they are on the top rod in her closet & of course, she can't reach those. So, in addition to putting up clothes, I have had her move the laundry from the washer to the dryer on a few occasions & told her it could be one of her chores. Hey, my mother had me doing all this stuff from a young age - didn't hurt me one bit!! Well, Sunday Aaron got in the laundry room & helped Emma - when he realized his blankie was part of the load thrown in the dryer, though it took a little convincing to walk away. He was watching it through the window for a while!! Ha ha!
My Little Helpers
Saturday was my niece's dance recital - she was a little star!!! I mean, just look at all the friends & family & flowers she was surrounded by!!! (See my little people peeking out!?!)
Little Star!! Katelynn did such a great job tonight!
And can I just say I love Pinterest, but then I guess, who doesn't!?!? We tried something new over the weekend I found on Pinterest & it was a big hit...doesn't this look yummy?? You can tell it went over well b/c Emma cleaned her plate - that is rare!
Absolutely did this for #breakfast & it was a big hit! Thanks @Pinterest - win!
We have had rain for days around here, but it's made for some pretty spectacular skies, too. I think the kiddos are getting a little cabin fever as a result, though - hopefully by the weekend things will dry up a bit, though we do surely welcome the rain when it comes!
Majestic! #clouds #sky #sub
Finally I'll leave you with a picture of my fabulous new bling! I love these earrings - daddy said they remind him of earrings from Egypt. I have to say I agree - maybe that's why I love them so much!
New bling!!!
Happy Hump Day - Have a Wonderful Week!!