Have a good evening...

Sunday, June 10, 2012
We've had a good weekend...it's been full and fun! Friday was low key - dinner at home, then running a few errands, but Saturday we were on the go all-day-long! We started at 9am with a trip to the Houston Museum of Natural Science. My parents came over and we headed out early - we wanted to see the Paleontology Exhibit...since you know my son has a thing for two things - Trains & Dinosaurs. (Hopefully next we'll get to see the Houston Steamers - he'll love that, too!)

We ended up buying a family pack so that we can go back - the kids loved it and when it's super duper (yeah, I said that) hot in H-town and indoor fun day is fabulous!
The exhibit was amazing, too and Aaron and Emma were pointing out all the Dinosaurs! I was proud of my girl - she did know a lot of them! To Aaron, though they were all either T-Rex or Alonosaurus! No, I didn't spell that right and I didn't look it up, either!
Aaron's mouth was wide open at the turn of every corner!! I don't know if it was the size or the number of them, but he loved the dinosaurs...and he wanted to get up on the platforms to get a closer look at each one, too! He was ready to be up close and personal! I was a little worried if he would like them or be a little scared...safe to say not one of them scared him. HMNS1
After the Paleontology Exhibit we went through the gemstones - I was thankful for the new light up shoes I bought the kids b/c it was so dark in there I wouldn't have been able to see them otherwise! LOL! We saw a lot of beautiful things in there, too!
Wouldn't have minded trying a few on!
We also made it through the Butterfly Exhibit. We've been before, but it's always fun - though, it paled after the dinosaurs this trip! Aaron was still in dino mode and kept running up to the butterflies and ROARRRING!!!!
We had a fun day...then that evening it was nice to relax a little. We went to my SIL's to grill and watch the game. The kids got to play in the water a little before the rain started - that was short lived, though, but by then they were on to new fun! It was late getting back to the house, but made for a very full and fun day!

Today has been relaxing...after church we spent the day at my parents' house and got a few things cleaned up around here - now we're ready for another week. The kiddos are already bathed and down for the night, so hubby and I are gonna snuggle up and enjoy the rest of the evening together!

Enjoy your week to come!