Fruits of Our Labor

Friday, June 22, 2012
Well, mostly Michael's labor as he is the one with the green thumb in the family!! He got the first watermelon of the season & was so proud! The kids were ready to cut into it, but we put it in the fridge to get cold over night & we'll get into it tonight - can't wait! It weighed in at 26lbs! Nearly as much as Aaron!!
Watermelon Anyone???
He planted a sunflower this year, too & Emma has declared it hers - she told me yesterday when it gets gigantic she is going to pick it. I told her she couldn't pick, but she informed me that her daddy would just plant another one! LOL
I took this picture a few days ago - the flower is actually even bigger now.

I also wanted to share another yummy that I credit to Pinterest - I will never cook cabbage another way again!!! This was so delicious!
Oh yeah - this is how cabbage should be eaten! Delicious!!
I did alter the recipe slightly - it called for real bacon bits (like the salad toppings), but I cooked real bacon instead & left out the olive oil (I've recently made the move to coconut oil). I cut up my bacon into tiny pieces and put it in my iron skillet to cook done & crispy! I did add a tsp of coconut oil to the skillet & when it was nice & crunchy I turned off the fire - added the Worcestershire sauce & lemon - and then poured it over my cabbage wedges, which I had already S&P'd and arranged on the foil. I made sure the marinade got in all the little crevices and then spooned the bacon pieces evenly over each wedge. Closed up the foil packets tight & into the oven they went!

I actually didn't get to enjoy them fresh out of the oven - I got them all prepared & then headed out to boot camp, but told hubs to be sure & save me one - and that's what was left when I got home - ONE! I guess the kids ate their fair share, too! Love that my kiddos are good veggie eaters!! But when I made it home, that last wedge was my dinner & it was delicious!

I love oven roasted & grilled veggies! I have asparagus in the fridge now waiting to be grilled up over the weekend & roasted brussel sprouts are on the menu for next week!

Happy Friday - I hope it's a good one!