C'mon Weekend...We're Ready! And an iPhoneography Update!

Friday, June 01, 2012
First - I wanted to share my big girl's graduation picture...these were the pics they took at school for them. Doesn't she look so grown!?!?! BooHoo!
Emma Graduation 2012
Every time I look at pictures of her she looks older...
Aaron still gives me my baby fix, though - so I'm all good for now! LOL! He had fever last week so we went to the doctor & found out he had a mild ear infection. She put him on antibiotics & said to start his breathing treatments again. Aaron, of course, wants to do it himself, so sometimes it takes a little longer to get the treatments done; however, I have learned that if I turn on Dinosaur Train and put him in my lap he'll hold still and keep the mask in place better! Mommy Tricks!!
The boy just loves Dinosaur Train - Derek & the Conductor go everywhere with us...and his blankie, too! That thing may go to college Ha Ha! The dinosaurs even go to dinner with us...and get to share our meals sometimes! LOL
Last week I enjoyed a couple extra days off & did some shopping for myself...and for Emma. I have us all ready for pretty nails for the summer!

Emma & I are all set for pretty #nails this summer! Yay for #manicures & girl time!
I can't wait to try out the new pink zebra print - I have to wait until after this weekend b/c we have a wedding and a bridal shower & I don't think they exactly go with the events! :) I also bought some pretty nail stickers for Emma that she loves - lots of bright flowers and stars and designs!

So I mentioned we have plans all weekend...Saturday we have a wedding & Sunday I'm hosting a Bridal Shower. We had a b'day party Sunday, too but the invite was last minute & right in the middle of when I'll be at the Bridal Shower - you just can't make every thing all the time, right?

Have a Happy Weekend!