Adventures of a Pretend SAHM

Monday, June 25, 2012
This week I'm pretending to be a SAHM! I took off this week so that I could take Emma to VBS and b/c I needed to use up some PTO. I don't know that I would ever want to quit working, though to be honest. I mean, I do like time off and wouldn't mind working PT one day down the road...but I live very close to work and have a great schedule so I can really take off for any school functions as they come up...but I also really need the schedule of work. I have an organized person living inside me, but the ADHD outer person just keeps her beat down all the time! So, work schedules and deadlines force the organization on me and if I got away from that I don't think anything would ever get done - does that make any sense at all!?!?

Anyway...bottom line is I am off this week! Emma will be at VBS from 9-12 every day and I plan on taking Aaron to the sitter's for a few hours each day, too - hey, gotta have a little "me-time" this week, too. So, the plan for the week is to have no real plan! I am meeting up with an GF this week for mani/pedi's - one I haven't seen in a looong time. I am super excited!!! And later this week my neighbor and I are taking the girls for a treat - we're having a little girls' spa date! Let them get mani/pedi's, makeup, up-do's - all that girlie stuff at a place near the house just for little girls! I can't wait for that one. And I am sure we'll hit the pool for some cool down fun and I promised Emma a picnic in the park one day, too - b/c that's the field trip she is missing at school this week since she is out.

Yesterday we got to visit our friends' new baby, too! He is such a cutie...and such a good baby, too!
Got to meet Mr. Jagger today!!! Such a sweetie!!!
What do ya think - Michael looks good holding a little baby, doesn't he?!?! 

 It's hard to believe our babies were ever so small. Well, actually, I guess they weren't really b/c little Jagger was 7lbs and both mine were over 8lbs! He looks a lot like his big brother, too!! The parents had a lot of family coming and going while we were there - so you know this little boy is going to be well loved! A new addition to the family is such a blessing & we are so happy for them.

Have a great Monday!