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Let's Get Cookin'

So, last week I posted about using my waffle iron to cook cinnamon rolls. Well, I busted it out again the other day except this time I used an Orange Cranberry Muffin mix...oh yummy, yummy! Aaron couldn't get enough of them! I love cranberries anyway, but having them this way was surely a treat!
Then yesterday for dinner I put my slow cooker to work - love that thing!! For this recipe I put in 1/2 cup of water, 1/2 cup of sun dried tomato salad dressing, & one packet of onion soup mix. It was one of the best slow cooked chicken recipes I've done! Mmmm...
The slow cooker is great even when I'm off  work b/c I was running around doing stuff all day and was cooking dinner at the same time! Multitasking at its best!

Loving my week off - it's been fun, productive, & relaxing!! Wish I could do this about once a month! I wonder if my boss would go for it?? LOL

A Very Girlie Day

Today has been a day of pampering...first for me, then for my mini me!

I met up with a friend this morning to catch up over a couple of feet were very thankful! We haven't seen one another in way too long & it was awesome to catch up. I was sad to cut it short, but before I knew it VBS was over and it was time for me to pick up Emma. Then we were headed for more girl time - this time for the little girls! Emma and Addison were treated to their own spa day and it was so fun! Addison chose Princess style, while my little miss outside-the-box (love her) wanted rock style! They had a blast!!!
The girls loved every bit of it & were sent home with their own bottle of spray glitter for their hair! I have  feeling it won't last the summer! Ha ha! I think when it's time for her next hair cut, this might be the place she wants to go. There was even a little boy there when we first arrived getting his hair cut, but I think daddy may choose to keep going to Camo…

Adventures of a Pretend SAHM

This week I'm pretending to be a SAHM! I took off this week so that I could take Emma to VBS and b/c I needed to use up some PTO. I don't know that I would ever want to quit working, though to be honest. I mean, I do like time off and wouldn't mind working PT one day down the road...but I live very close to work and have a great schedule so I can really take off for any school functions as they come up...but I also really need the schedule of work. I have an organized person living inside me, but the ADHD outer person just keeps her beat down all the time! So, work schedules and deadlines force the organization on me and if I got away from that I don't think anything would ever get done - does that make any sense at all!?!?

Anyway...bottom line is I am off this week! Emma will be at VBS from 9-12 every day and I plan on taking Aaron to the sitter's for a few hours each day, too - hey, gotta have a little "me-time" this week, too. So, the plan for the week…

Fruits of Our Labor

Well, mostly Michael's labor as he is the one with the green thumb in the family!! He got the first watermelon of the season & was so proud! The kids were ready to cut into it, but we put it in the fridge to get cold over night & we'll get into it tonight - can't wait! It weighed in at 26lbs! Nearly as much as Aaron!!
He planted a sunflower this year, too & Emma has declared it hers - she told me yesterday when it gets gigantic she is going to pick it. I told her she couldn't pick, but she informed me that her daddy would just plant another one! LOL
I took this picture a few days ago - the flower is actually even bigger now.
I also wanted to share another yummy that I credit to Pinterest - I will never cook cabbage another way again!!! This was so delicious!
I did alter the recipe slightly - it called for real bacon bits (like the salad toppings), but I cooked real bacon instead & left out the olive oil (I've recently made the move to coconut oil). …

Keeping up with the Kubeczka' iPhone Update

I know it isn't Friday (Boo), but I thought I'd give an iPhoneography update anyway!!!

Aaron has ventured into the world of play-doh, don't know if that's a mistake or not! Up until this point I had only let Emma pull it out when he was napping! LOL - he did pretty good, though - didn't make too big of a mess and I think he thoroughly enjoyed himself with it. They were laughing hysterically the entire time they were playing. I never got let in on the joke, though, but I sure loved listening to the laughter!
He also helped Emma out with her chores...sort of! Emma puts up all of her own clothes, except her dresses b/c they are on the top rod in her closet & of course, she can't reach those. So, in addition to putting up clothes, I have had her move the laundry from the washer to the dryer on a few occasions & told her it could be one of her chores. Hey, my mother had me doing all this stuff from a young age - didn't hurt me one bit!! Well, Sunday Aaro…

Odds & Ends

Geddo built a fabulous swing for his grandbabies a few years ago...then recently he's added a rope swing, too! And then put a wooden disc on it last week - Emma loved it! She said she was going to swing on this all the time!!
We haven't got to be outside much since last weekend b/c it's been such nasty weather, but last night we spent some time playing outside with friends after I got home from boot camp. I started a boot camp with friends a couple weeks ago & so far it's going great. I have muscles sore that I didn't even know I had! LOL! We keep saying we need to get a picture of all of us together - the class is big, but there are 7 of us that joined together. So far, between the boot camp & diet I've lost 15lbs!! I have a looong way to go, of course, but it's a very good start and this progress is so motivating!

Also, I am beginning a herb garden - I've grown herbs before, but haven't had any in a while. I just want to stick to pots thi…

The Highs & the Lows

I used to host a link up here called Hi&Low - I like the idea to talk about the best and worst of your day. I don't know if I'll do it again, but it's a good way to remember to talk about the good as much as we talk about the bad. That's the essence of the title of my blog - Daily Venting & Exclamations...when you're venting about the bad stuff that happens, don't forget to say prayers of thanks & exclaim for all the good things, too!

I think this picture is a good visual of that - the evolution of a fit in a two year old...
I don't remember why he was upset now (b/c it isn't important) - but I think I wouldn't let him have chips while I was cooking dinner - he went through his fit, though and when I sat on the floor with him he crawled up in my lap, cried on my shoulder, and then in a bit I got kisses from him and all was forgotten. 
The bad stuff makes all the good stuff that much better. I think if God didn't throw in a little bad…

Have a good evening...

We've had a good's been full and fun! Friday was low key - dinner at home, then running a few errands, but Saturday we were on the go all-day-long! We started at 9am with a trip to the Houston Museum of Natural Science. My parents came over and we headed out early - we wanted to see the Paleontology Exhibit...since you know my son has a thing for two things - Trains & Dinosaurs. (Hopefully next we'll get to see the Houston Steamers - he'll love that, too!)
We ended up buying a family pack so that we can go back - the kids loved it and when it's super duper (yeah, I said that) hot in H-town and indoor fun day is fabulous! The exhibit was amazing, too and Aaron and Emma were pointing out all the Dinosaurs! I was proud of my girl - she did know a lot of them! To Aaron, though they were all either T-Rex or Alonosaurus! No, I didn't spell that right and I didn't look it up, either!
Aaron's mouth was wide open at the turn of every corner!! …

I {heart} Tattoos!

I always have. When I was young I loved temporary tattoos...though, the ones they make today are tons better! My daughter loves them and sometimes they take weeks to come off!

(I actually wrote up this post a while back to share on a link up, but never did, so I thought I would share it now.)

I currently have four is a work in progress, though actually b/c I have ideas to add to it. Three of the four tattoos show my Egyptian heritage. The other is my "trendy" tattoo...while I do like the tattoo (it's a cat's face flower)'s trendy b/c it's a tramp stamp. Yep - I got a low back tattoo when they were all the rave! A friend and I went to get them together on a crazy night out! I don't regret it and it will always remind me of my friend, whom I never get to see anymore. I was 26 when I got this tattoo - this was my 2nd tattoo.
I used to say that I'd wait until I was 21 to get my first tattoo b/c by that age I would be certain what I wan…

Jessica's Bridal Shower

I helped hostess my niece's Bridal Shower turned out very nice! We did a Tiffany & Co. theme well it was actually Jessica & Co. today!! Loved it! I ordered the cake from a coworker that does cakes on the side. He did such a GREAT job and I was so pleased with how it turned out! After church this morning I had to drive to his house to pick it up - which wasn't that close - and made it back in time to help decorate and set up for the shower. The theme was right up my niece's alley!

I'm upset I didn't get a better picture of the little Tiffany boxes - they said Jessica & Co. on them and I thought I had a few pics of them, but when I got home & went back through my pictures I realized I just had the one & you can't really see the label too great! But I think everything looked so great!

She got some great goodies, too! I love the personalized door mat she got - I think I might have to look into one for our house, too! ;)

Three of he…

C'mon Weekend...We're Ready! And an iPhoneography Update!

First - I wanted to share my big girl's graduation picture...these were the pics they took at school for them. Doesn't she look so grown!?!?! BooHoo!
Every time I look at pictures of her she looks older...
Aaron still gives me my baby fix, though - so I'm all good for now! LOL! He had fever last week so we went to the doctor & found out he had a mild ear infection. She put him on antibiotics & said to start his breathing treatments again. Aaron, of course, wants to do it himself, so sometimes it takes a little longer to get the treatments done; however, I have learned that if I turn on Dinosaur Train and put him in my lap he'll hold still and keep the mask in place better! Mommy Tricks!!
The boy just loves Dinosaur Train - Derek & the Conductor go everywhere with us...and his blankie, too! That thing may go to college Ha Ha! The dinosaurs even go to dinner with us...and get to share our meals sometimes! LOL
Last week I enjoyed a couple extra days off & …