Splishin' & Splashin'

Monday, May 28, 2012
Yesterday we got together with friends to celebrate Memorial Day. The kids played hard all day (sans a nap for Aaron, btw) - we got up early for church, then had brunch at Cracker Barrell, a visit from their grandparents, which included playing outside, followed by a trip to the carwash, a stop for slushies, stop at the grocery store, then home again to get set up and ready for the fun...of course, that was non-stop swimming, splashing, running, playing games...needless to say at 10:00pm we were sitting out side and Aaron passed out in my arms. Wasn't too long after that Emma let me know she was soooo tired, too - so they were both out and slept till 9:00am this morning! I couldn't believe it...hmmm, maybe we should keep them up and out that late every Friday so we can sleep in on Saturdays! Ha ha! j/k
Splish Splash
I hope you all have a great Memorial Day...remember those who sacrificed so much for us and why we celebrate this day.
Red, White, & Blue 
Never Forget...Ever Honor!