Tuesday, May 22, 2012
Tonight we took it easy - Daddy went fishing after work so Emma, Aaron, & I went out for dinner and then spent the rest of the evening playing in the backyard. Made for an easy bedtime, that's for sure! Neither one of them got out of bed once, which is rare! They love to get up & come ask for a drink or anything else to stay up! Ha ha!

I took my camera out back tonight & even tried to bribe Aaron to get him to look at me for a couple pics - hey, I'm not beyond bribery. The boy just does not look at the camera for pictures. I did get a couple, though! Emma doesn't mind as much and she will smile for me, but it is short lived! She'd rather be taking the pics to be honest...she is her mommy's daughter after all! She kept asking for the camera & she took some good ones, too!

Great afternoon playing outside!
Aaron lays over the swing to fly!!!
I'm going to rest good tonight, too. Especially since tomorrow is my last day to work until next Tuesday - except for a little bit Saturday morning, I'll be in staycation mode & hopefully headed to full recovery from these sinus issues!

Have a good night!!