My Growing Kiddos

Tuesday, May 01, 2012
I look at pictures of my babies and it's so hard to believe how much they've grown!

Emma is going to be in Kindergarten in the Fall and I just fathom it's already that time! I swear I feel like it was just yesterday she started at the Day Care. She is over the top excited - I am too, but also know it's going to be hard that day. I've already told my boss I wouldn't be at work that day - I know the waterworks will be in full effect! She is such a sweetie these days, too - always my big helper and has tons of kisses and I Love You's for her mommy!!

Aaron has really developed a huge vocabulary, too. He says everything these days! And he is ever so slightly thinking about using the potty! He sits on it, but nothing has happened so far. He tells me every time his diaper needs changing, though! Maybe by the end of the summer, though I'm not rushing it. All kids come to things in their own time. My babies were quick to crawl, walk, & talk, but potty training took a while with Emma and looks like it may with Aaron, too. I just don't advocate forcing it until THEY are ready, whether or not I am ready!

He is still obsessed with Trains - he loves Dinosaur Train - he carries around Tiny, Shiny, Buddy, King, & The Conductor everywhere as well as the train itself. He's gotten pretty good & balancing them all at the same time...and of course, his blankie is always in tow as well! He may take that thing to Kindergarten! He is all boy, too and thinks he can just from the highest objects - no fear, this one!
I love to just sit back and watch them play and interact with one another - fighting, playing, loving one another - it all just warms my heart. Well, the fighting isn't too heart-warming, but it's a package deal!!! They say I Love You all the time and I'm so thankful they don't have a problem expressing emotions like that - I want them to grow up to be open and engaging young adults - even though I would keep them this age forever if I could!