Lots of Sniffing & Coughing Going on Here!!

Thursday, May 17, 2012
So, since we came home from our trip on the 7th I've been sick. It was just a cold, but it is still with me. I am super congested - my ears hurt so bad - my eyes are all watery - I have a terrible hacking cough - it's awful! I've gone through a pack of steroids, Mucinex D, & Afrin, but so far nothing has helped. I finally went to the Take Care Clinic at Walgreens yesterday & they put me on antibiotics for a sinus infection. Praying I feel the improvement soon!

And on top of that Emma got sick, too.

She spiked a fever Saturday night of 104.7 - I put her in an ice bath and put cold water on her neck and wrists -we were headed out the door to the ER, but then it started dropping. We kept her fever at bay the next 24 hours by alternating ibuprofen and acetaminophen every four hours and thought all was good b/c  her temp was normal all day, but then would come up again during the night.
Make a wish!! #dandelion (I wish my baby & me to get well!!)
After a couple days of yo-yo'ing like this we went to the doctor and found out she has strep! Okay, my little girl's pain tolerance is up there - strep is painful, but she never mentioned her throat hurting. Makes me feel like a weenie for complaining about these earaches!! So, she has been staying home this week - getting spoiled by my parents - mostly my daddy, Ha Ha!!! You wouldn't even know she is sick either - she is running around playing like any other day!
Waiting to see the doctor. Even sick she sure is cute!!

I am so thankful that Aaron hasn't got any of this stuff. He did have a runny nose a couple days last week, but that's it and it's cleared up! Needless to say we've been staying close to home. We didn't even make it to church Sunday for Mother's Day. I did get some beautiful flowers, though!
Blooms to brighten our day!!