I'm Happy to Report

Monday, May 21, 2012
that my baby girl is feeling so much better. Not that it ever really got her down to begin with, but she is done with her antibiotics and 100% again! :-)
My beauty! #daughter

I am also on the mend. I haven't finished my own antibiotics, but for the most part would declare myself well! Very thankful that Aaron & Michael didn't get down with either what Emma or I had. It wouldn't have been good to take down the entire household!!

Aaron is about to venture into the wonderful world of Potty Training himself! He is to the point now that every time he wets his diaper it comes off...he's done it once with a dirty diaper, too. Eeewww! (I'm just glad that one happened at the sitter's! Ha ha!) He will sit on the potty, but it's too late by then b/c he's already wet his diaper & removed it.
This isn't gonna be an easy process! #PottyTraining

I let him run around sans diaper for a bit Sunday and Emma put his Cars undies on him (he liked that) - I gave him a talk about not teetee'ing on Lightening McQueen, too! We left to go get snow cones, though and when Michael went to put a diaper back on Lightening McQueen was wet! LOL!

He'll get there eventually, but I'm not pushing...yet! Like Emma he does things on his own time!

This week and next week are short work weeks for me (happy dance)! I hope you all had a great weekend!