Bubbles...Really Big Bubbles

Saturday, May 19, 2012
Yesterday afternoon we went out back to play bubbles! I had to wait until "school" was over b/c Emma had Aaron down for nap time! LOL - before that she was busting in my bedroom b/c that was where their class was! She cracks me up!

So, I guess it was recess b/c they finally were ready for bubbles...jeez, I'd only been asking to play bubbles for 30 minutes!!

I bought a new bubble wand for the kids to use at my parents' house when we went on our cruise and wanted to see how well it made big bubbles!
Bubbles...really big #bubbles in the backyard!
They were awesome - though, now I am on the search for a strong bubble recipe b/c the bubbles we buy these days aren't that great! The bubbles did look awesome, though!
 Aaron liked popping them more than anything! And it was cute b/c every time he did he would say, "Pop Pop" in that adorable little voice of his!

He did try very hard to make his own big bubbles, though!
Emma did a really good job - she made one big one that made it over into the garden!
We had a good time and played out there up until it was time to go to bed, which makes for an easy bedtime and a good night's sleep. Though, they were still up bright and early at 6:30 this morning, when I could have easily slept a little longer!!

Hope you have a wonderful Saturday!!!