Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Bruschetta with Bagel Chips

I made Bruschetta tonight with dinner. I didn't have any French or Italian bread, so I used Sea Salt Bagel Chips instead. We love these & I try to keep them instead of chips around the house. I didn't want them to get soggy, that's why they are on case you were wondering!! LOL!
Made #bruschetta with Sea Salt Bagel Chips tonight. Put them on top so they wouldn't get soggy! It was YUM-O!!
I have to say, they were a big hit and even better with fresh tomatoes! Emma & Aaron chowed down! Michael didn't have a very eclectic palette when I first met him, but it has grown a lot over the years with all the varieties of foods I've introduced him to - he loved them, too and even started thinking alternatives to the typical ingredients for bruschetta! Ha!

I love all the fresh garden veggies in the summer!!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Splishin' & Splashin'

Yesterday we got together with friends to celebrate Memorial Day. The kids played hard all day (sans a nap for Aaron, btw) - we got up early for church, then had brunch at Cracker Barrell, a visit from their grandparents, which included playing outside, followed by a trip to the carwash, a stop for slushies, stop at the grocery store, then home again to get set up and ready for the fun...of course, that was non-stop swimming, splashing, running, playing games...needless to say at 10:00pm we were sitting out side and Aaron passed out in my arms. Wasn't too long after that Emma let me know she was soooo tired, too - so they were both out and slept till 9:00am this morning! I couldn't believe it...hmmm, maybe we should keep them up and out that late every Friday so we can sleep in on Saturdays! Ha ha! j/k
Splish Splash
I hope you all have a great Memorial Day...remember those who sacrificed so much for us and why we celebrate this day.
Red, White, & Blue 
Never Forget...Ever Honor!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Emma's Luau Graduation

Emma's Day Care class had a Luau Graduation!! They did such a great job doing their dances for us and looked so big in their cap and gowns and it surely brought tears to my eyes to see!
The kids did three dances for us! 
(She is 2nd from the left with with big green flower in her hair)
She was so happy for family that came out to see her, too!
Her Geddo had to go out to work at 4am yesterday morning so he had to miss it, he was so upset. He sent Emma a beautiful bouquet of flowers and a balloon, though & promised to see her again as soon as he came home! The flowers are in the collage below - and the boy with her in the other picture is Carlton. He is 3 days younger than Emma and our neighbor - they're big buds and look forward to starting K in the fall together! I hope they get to be in the same class.
 Emma's teachers Miss Elizabeth & Miss Annie!
I'm so proud of my big girl! We went to the school today and got her all registered for Kindergarten, too. We go back in August to meet her teacher - she says she is very excited, but that she is scared, too. I told her that's alright - everyone is a little scared when they start something new! She'll do great I know!

It's so crazy to think she is about to start school - it seems like yesterday she was Aaron's age. Time moves too fast - before I know it Aaron will be in school and then turn around and they'll both be out! Oh, I can't even think about it!!


Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Tonight we took it easy - Daddy went fishing after work so Emma, Aaron, & I went out for dinner and then spent the rest of the evening playing in the backyard. Made for an easy bedtime, that's for sure! Neither one of them got out of bed once, which is rare! They love to get up & come ask for a drink or anything else to stay up! Ha ha!

I took my camera out back tonight & even tried to bribe Aaron to get him to look at me for a couple pics - hey, I'm not beyond bribery. The boy just does not look at the camera for pictures. I did get a couple, though! Emma doesn't mind as much and she will smile for me, but it is short lived! She'd rather be taking the pics to be honest...she is her mommy's daughter after all! She kept asking for the camera & she took some good ones, too!

Great afternoon playing outside!
Aaron lays over the swing to fly!!!
I'm going to rest good tonight, too. Especially since tomorrow is my last day to work until next Tuesday - except for a little bit Saturday morning, I'll be in staycation mode & hopefully headed to full recovery from these sinus issues!

Have a good night!!

Monday, May 21, 2012

I'm Happy to Report

that my baby girl is feeling so much better. Not that it ever really got her down to begin with, but she is done with her antibiotics and 100% again! :-)
My beauty! #daughter

I am also on the mend. I haven't finished my own antibiotics, but for the most part would declare myself well! Very thankful that Aaron & Michael didn't get down with either what Emma or I had. It wouldn't have been good to take down the entire household!!

Aaron is about to venture into the wonderful world of Potty Training himself! He is to the point now that every time he wets his diaper it comes off...he's done it once with a dirty diaper, too. Eeewww! (I'm just glad that one happened at the sitter's! Ha ha!) He will sit on the potty, but it's too late by then b/c he's already wet his diaper & removed it.
This isn't gonna be an easy process! #PottyTraining

I let him run around sans diaper for a bit Sunday and Emma put his Cars undies on him (he liked that) - I gave him a talk about not teetee'ing on Lightening McQueen, too! We left to go get snow cones, though and when Michael went to put a diaper back on Lightening McQueen was wet! LOL!

He'll get there eventually, but I'm not pushing...yet! Like Emma he does things on his own time!

This week and next week are short work weeks for me (happy dance)! I hope you all had a great weekend!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Bubbles...Really Big Bubbles

Yesterday afternoon we went out back to play bubbles! I had to wait until "school" was over b/c Emma had Aaron down for nap time! LOL - before that she was busting in my bedroom b/c that was where their class was! She cracks me up!

So, I guess it was recess b/c they finally were ready for bubbles...jeez, I'd only been asking to play bubbles for 30 minutes!!

I bought a new bubble wand for the kids to use at my parents' house when we went on our cruise and wanted to see how well it made big bubbles!
Bubbles...really big #bubbles in the backyard!
They were awesome - though, now I am on the search for a strong bubble recipe b/c the bubbles we buy these days aren't that great! The bubbles did look awesome, though!
 Aaron liked popping them more than anything! And it was cute b/c every time he did he would say, "Pop Pop" in that adorable little voice of his!

He did try very hard to make his own big bubbles, though!
Emma did a really good job - she made one big one that made it over into the garden!
We had a good time and played out there up until it was time to go to bed, which makes for an easy bedtime and a good night's sleep. Though, they were still up bright and early at 6:30 this morning, when I could have easily slept a little longer!!

Hope you have a wonderful Saturday!!!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Lots of Sniffing & Coughing Going on Here!!

So, since we came home from our trip on the 7th I've been sick. It was just a cold, but it is still with me. I am super congested - my ears hurt so bad - my eyes are all watery - I have a terrible hacking cough - it's awful! I've gone through a pack of steroids, Mucinex D, & Afrin, but so far nothing has helped. I finally went to the Take Care Clinic at Walgreens yesterday & they put me on antibiotics for a sinus infection. Praying I feel the improvement soon!

And on top of that Emma got sick, too.

She spiked a fever Saturday night of 104.7 - I put her in an ice bath and put cold water on her neck and wrists -we were headed out the door to the ER, but then it started dropping. We kept her fever at bay the next 24 hours by alternating ibuprofen and acetaminophen every four hours and thought all was good b/c  her temp was normal all day, but then would come up again during the night.
Make a wish!! #dandelion (I wish my baby & me to get well!!)
After a couple days of yo-yo'ing like this we went to the doctor and found out she has strep! Okay, my little girl's pain tolerance is up there - strep is painful, but she never mentioned her throat hurting. Makes me feel like a weenie for complaining about these earaches!! So, she has been staying home this week - getting spoiled by my parents - mostly my daddy, Ha Ha!!! You wouldn't even know she is sick either - she is running around playing like any other day!
Waiting to see the doctor. Even sick she sure is cute!!

I am so thankful that Aaron hasn't got any of this stuff. He did have a runny nose a couple days last week, but that's it and it's cleared up! Needless to say we've been staying close to home. We didn't even make it to church Sunday for Mother's Day. I did get some beautiful flowers, though!
Blooms to brighten our day!!

Wednesday, May 09, 2012

We Went Cruisin'

and we had a blast! We were so, so busy the entire time...relaxing!!!!

We went for 4 nights & made one stop in Cozumel. I got a nice shade of brown...with a little red, too! Hey, I did use sunscreen!! We took a catamaran in Cozumel to an island where we swam, relaxed in the sun, played games, had open bar & buffet, shops, etc. It was exactly what we needed for our little getaway!

Here are a few pics of our time away - there are more on my flickr set. I honestly didn't take that many pictures this trip. All the relaxing just took it out of my I guess! Ha ha!

We laid around on the beach - Michael acted silly - enjoyed the breathtaking views...
Cruise Collage 1

And we sipped cold drinks with little umbrellas...there was a drink mixing contest and I have to say the winner was amazing! I don't remember what all was in it, but it had melon and it was truly the most refreshing drink I've ever had. It's the bright one below!
Cruise Collage 2
Like I said, it was just what we needed - relaxation!!!

It was very hard to be away from the kids for 4 nights (that's why we chose this short trip)...once we were actually gone it wasn't too bad, but the last night was really hard. I was very anxious to get off the ship the next day. They came to pick us up with my parents & since they got there before we debarked, they parked across from the ship and we were able to wave at the from the deck - that was the longest hour ever! My babies were right there & I couldn't get down to them. They thought it was pretty cool to see the ship, though!

I woke up with a cold the morning we pulled in to dock & I haven't been able to shake it. I finally went to the doc today for something stronger - I'll pick it up on my way home & hopefully it'll knock it out quickly! 

We are ready to go back now, though - already talking about a Disney Cruise for next year with the kids!

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

My Growing Kiddos

I look at pictures of my babies and it's so hard to believe how much they've grown!

Emma is going to be in Kindergarten in the Fall and I just fathom it's already that time! I swear I feel like it was just yesterday she started at the Day Care. She is over the top excited - I am too, but also know it's going to be hard that day. I've already told my boss I wouldn't be at work that day - I know the waterworks will be in full effect! She is such a sweetie these days, too - always my big helper and has tons of kisses and I Love You's for her mommy!!

Aaron has really developed a huge vocabulary, too. He says everything these days! And he is ever so slightly thinking about using the potty! He sits on it, but nothing has happened so far. He tells me every time his diaper needs changing, though! Maybe by the end of the summer, though I'm not rushing it. All kids come to things in their own time. My babies were quick to crawl, walk, & talk, but potty training took a while with Emma and looks like it may with Aaron, too. I just don't advocate forcing it until THEY are ready, whether or not I am ready!

He is still obsessed with Trains - he loves Dinosaur Train - he carries around Tiny, Shiny, Buddy, King, & The Conductor everywhere as well as the train itself. He's gotten pretty good & balancing them all at the same time...and of course, his blankie is always in tow as well! He may take that thing to Kindergarten! He is all boy, too and thinks he can just from the highest objects - no fear, this one!
I love to just sit back and watch them play and interact with one another - fighting, playing, loving one another - it all just warms my heart. Well, the fighting isn't too heart-warming, but it's a package deal!!! They say I Love You all the time and I'm so thankful they don't have a problem expressing emotions like that - I want them to grow up to be open and engaging young adults - even though I would keep them this age forever if I could!