Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Weekend Road Trip

This past weekend we took a trip up to East Texas to visit my Grannie. Michael and my brother spent all their time out on the lake fishing & Emma got to go out on the lake in the boat for the first time...I think she liked it! We all had a great time!

The mosquitoes are so bad around here right now, too & despite spraying Emma & Aaron down with repellant, poor Aaron still got ate up. :( I felt so bad for my little man, though it didn't really slow him down one bit!

That's my brother in the picture holding the fish...and the picture of the kiddos on the washer, well my Grannie's washer is off balance or something & when it goes into spin cycle there is a lot of movement...so, the kids sat on top of it & had a fun little ride! Country entertainment, what can I say! LOL!!

Emma wasn't the only one that enjoyed the boat ride!! Riding on the lake is so relaxing!
 This picture was early morning before church - they got up to watch cartoons before getting dressed - Emma's Barbies joined them on the couch. I think they must have just woke up - I just thought they looked so cute!
And I got pretty flowers from my pretty girl!!
And we made dirt cake - oh, what a hit this was!
And sat up till midnight playing cards...
I need a 7 please!! And a manicure!! #cards
(yes...I need a mani...)
Michael was worn out from being out on the water & in the sun, so I drove home & my mom (who rode up with us) kept me company while Michael passed out in the back! He got a bit burned!! After we got home he perked up, mowed the grass, I put up all the laundry (I washed everything at Grannie's before we left) and then we went out for dinner - cooking was the last thing on my mind...well, maybe the thought of cleaning up the kitchen at the end of the day was really the deciding factor...headed in to eat I snapped this picture. 
Pictures like this really melt my heart! My mother & her baby brother had an amazing relationship and I pray my two are hand in hand like this forever as well. They tell one another 'I Love You' all the time and my heart skips a bit each time I hear it! They had a blast this weekend playing together at Grannie's - they really do love one another's company! 


  1. cute pics.. glad you guys had a nice time.

  2. Fun weekend! The mosquitoes are awful here too. I saw on tv that they're going to be worse than ever this year because of the mild winter.


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