Tee-Ball and Crashing Cars

Sunday, April 29, 2012
We have had a great weekend...it started Friday night with a girls' night for me, which was an awesome way to end the week and start the weekend for me! Saturday we rose bright and early and were out the door in record time for a Saturday to watch this cute little guy run the bases!!
Our nephew had his first ever tee-ball game Saturday morning and I think he had the biggest fan base there! They were all so cute and you could really see the determination on his face while he was playing! 

Michael is so anxious to be out there with Aaron, too - another year or two, though maybe!!
That evening after a fun day of tee-ball and hotdogs we drove out to watch the Demolition Derby. My brother and sister, my niece and her three kids, and another great-niece met us out there. I have a faint memory of going to one of these when I was very little, but don't really remember much about it! Two things to note - it's loud and like SeaWorld, the first few rows are in a splash zone so to speak!! Yeah - I got dirt thrown on me!! LOL! It was a lot of fun, though and the kids really liked it! 
All the pictures unfortunately are through a fence, but it was safer that way for sure! Dirt was flying everywhere, bumpers were falling off, it would have been bad if something else came flying out into the crowd! I have to say, I think to be a driver in this kind of event you have to be just a little bit crazy, too!!! Ha ha!

So, tomorrow it is back to the grind, but it's a very short week for us!! I hope you've had a wonderful weekend as well!