Fun Times with Friends

Sunday, April 15, 2012
Friday night we had friends over to play poker - I think it was the smallest group that's ever been here to play, though. I think everyone had fun & the game went on till after 1am!!!

Then yesterday we had friends that we haven't seen in a very, very long time come by and spend the day with us! Michael, the kids, & I ran around all morning doing errands and made it home around lunch time with these yummy bugs for everyone!
I call dibs on this big guy!!! #crawfish
The guys boiled crawfish, the kids swam & played, and us mommies got to catch up on everything with each other! We had a 27lbs of crawfish and we polished them all off!! I couldn't believe it!!! We had a lot of fun doing it, too - the kids had a lot of fun splashing around in the water & playing all afternoon, too. It's been way too long since we were able to get together - I think each of these kids were about a foot shorter the last time we were all together!

(I think these boys shop at the same stores - LOL)
Life gets busy for everyone, but when we said goodbye we said we wouldn't let so much time go by before the next time we all hung out!

Today is kinda quiet around here - we went to church, had brunch, then I had some mommy time & went for a mani/pedi while the kids were supposed to be napping - well, Aaron was supposed to be napping. He kept crawling out of his bed!!! Now basketball is on, the kids are playing, and I'm just vegging for a bit before Teta & Geddo come by later this afternoon to visit! Today is nice and relaxing after a busy, but fun, weekend with friends!

Have a great Sunday!!