Dinner on the Patio & Snowcones

Wednesday, April 25, 2012
The weather here has been so beautiful lately - I love it! I love being able to play outside and not have feel like I'm suffocating...and b/c my migraines are so bad, the typical Houston heat tends to make them worse if I'm out in it all day. But...for now I'm not complaining about the Houston weather, b/c it's been spectacular and we're taking full advantage! Yesterday we had dinner outside on the patio - which the kids loved, but I'm here to tell you that it's hard to keep a toddler at the table and eating when the weather is beautiful out & there is a play set and ball & bat very near by and he isn't strapped into a high chair! LOL!! I kept calling him back to the table to finish eating, to which he just replied, "No Thank You!!" - I wasn't offering you something buddy - I was TELLING you to come eat!! He's so cute, though even in defiance, it's hard to get too mad!

Emma was teaching him how to say Cheers!
Eventually he did eat enough that I thought dessert was in order, so we headed off to our favorite Snow Cone Man - Mista Mack - for a frozen treat!

I had Ice Cream flavor, daddy got Watermelon, and the kids both got Rainbow! 
(Mine was the best!!!)
Last year I always got Wedding Cake for Aaron b/c it was yummy, but was white - so no stains! When you have toddlers you think about these things! I didn't remember the flavor, though and after we had ordered and sat down to enjoy Emma said, "Mommy - you have to get Wedding Cake for Aaron b/c it's white!" I swear the girl has the memory of an elephant! Thanks for the reminder Emma - so, next time that's what we'll get! I did change his shirt before we left so at least it wasn't a good shirt that got the color all over it this time!

 I hope this beautiful weather hangs around for a while so we can have more days like this. Tonight Michael is grilling some yummy steaks so we'll be out enjoying it again - hmm...wonder if I can talk him into another trip to see Mista Mack, too!!

Happy Hump Day!