Wonderful Weekend Weather for Playing Outside

Monday, March 19, 2012
Our weekend started off Friday evening with these crawly guys at my parents' house!! Michael is getting to be somewhat of a pro boiling crawfish I have to say! 
Hello sir! I am going to eat you soon!!! #crawfish
The next morning he got up early & left for a softball tournament so the kiddos and I hung out at Geddo & Teta's and played - we baked cookies, went on walks, played with the neighbors, planted vegetables for Teta's garden, shopped, & just had a fun day...a long day, too - it was around 9pm when we made it home! But those full days are so great to ensure my babes get a good night sleep, too!!
Are they done yet???
Emma said, "They're growing!!" #cookies #baking
He had to have a stroller like sister for our walk!
What one does the other has to do!! He had to have a stroller like sister I go on our walk!!
Playing at Geddo & Teta's
After church Sunday we came home long enough for the boys to take a nap - I got a little work done - Emma played with some of her new treasures (she is all about Zhu Zhu pets these days) and then we packed up a picnic & headed out for the rest of the day!

We spent the rest of the afternoon at the park playing - had a late picnic lunch - played some more...then headed out for dessert (Orange Leaf - yummy frozen yogurt)!! I love the pic of them on the dinosaur - they were "roaring" so their faces look so funny!! Aaron is all into dinosaurs theses days, particularly Dinosaur Train, so this was one of his favorites at the park!
Burroughs Collage
I love that their daddy is right in on all the action - sliding with them, swinging - Aaron had to push his daddy a few times!! And Emma was so proud that she doesn't need help on the monkey bars!
Burroughs Collage
Like I said - Daddy is right there on all the action - one comes down the slide, they all come down the slide!!! I love it!!!
A short break for Daddy & Mommy to sit & watch our babies play!
Just a swingin!!!

When we came home all the kiddos were out back next door, plus several more that Bri was babysitting - so we opened up the gate between our houses & they all came over into our backyard to swing, blow bubbles, play soccer...we had a yard full of little people!!

So thankful for our wonderful weekend! We had so much fun...and again Saturday night my little people slept...well, like babies!! ;) Now that the weather is so nice (though the weatherman said we're going to have a NASTY storm tomorrow) it's great to be outside playing and burning off all that energy!

Hope you had a great weekend as well & Happy Monday!!

And we have a little project brewing - it takes a couple days to put it all together, so tonight or tomorrow I'll have an update - but here is a sneak peak!
We aren't dying Easter eggs!!! #colorful