Monday, March 12, 2012

Rodeo Re-Cap

A couple weekends ago we took the kids down to the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo. We had a blast - the rodeo is a tradition in Houston. In years past we would find ourselves going about 6-7 times to the rodeo and the we end up only going once or twice usually! My how times change! LOL

The kids had such a great time - we got to play games, eat junk food, watch cute little pigs race, ride rides, and get up close and personal with the animals - and their cousins were there the same day so we got to catch up with them & play, too which was great!

This guy in particular was a ham - ya think he wanted me to be sure to get his good side, or what???
My animal lover gets as close as he possible can to the animals...we usually have to pull him off them b/c he's hugging them!
Emma gets a little braver each year, but she is much more cautious of the animals! This little guy appeared cute & harmless to her! :)
The bunny rabbits, though she loved and would have let them out of their cages if we'd have let her!
They got to plant seeds, grow veggies, sell them at the farmers market, & take their earnings to the store to shop - this was a cool stop we hadn't seen in years past, but will surely check out from now on!
And the carousel is always a must, too - I still love carousels so much! Last year Aaron was still a little small even for the carousel - this year, though he rode it like a pro!
Emma's favorite ride, which was also her favorite last year...the tea cups!! (Can you find my little man screaming in the background with daddy - he wanted to ride so badly with her. Next year big guy!!)
And...of course, you don't go to a carnival without eating junk food...BBQ, Cotton Candy, Caramel Apples, Fried Anything...we had space fries for the first time - they were yummy!
The choices were endless...and made for tough decisions!! I went with a pulled pork sandwich!
And my favorite...
Roasted Corn on the Cob!!! YUM!! This was my treat as we were heading home!!!
Ferris Wheels are iconic when it comes to carousels - you can see them from far far away, letting you know that there is fun going on!!! Like a beacon calling you in!
The sites alone at a carnival are awesome - especially at night when everything lights up!!!

It was so much fun, as always, but this year Aaron was a little older and able to do a few more things with Emma. He was still too short for any of the rides except the carousel - but next year he'll be hopping on all the rides with his big sister I think!

(And on a totally separate note - I think of this b/c there are a lot of pics in this post - do you see the frames and drop shadows around my pics? I can see it in Firefox, but not in Google Chrome or Internet Explorer - so I am just curious as to what browser you use and what you see!!)

If you're ever in the Houston area during the February - March time you should definitely put aside a day to visit the HLSR - it's always such a good time!


  1. Looks like you guys had so much fun! I love going to rodeos, fairs, and carnivals - I guess the kids do too ;). Such great pictures! Glad that you guys had such a fun time!

    I can see the drop shadow frames on your pictures, I am using Firefox.

  2. The kids had a great time at the rodeo.. and I am still dreaming of the food!


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