A Rainy Weekend

Sunday, March 11, 2012
It's raining, It's pouring...and it's been pouring for days!! The clouds have been our view for days...
Oh cloudy day!!!! #sky #clouds
Now those clouds are dropping down the rain on us!!
Rain #rain - go away!!!
I know we need the rain, but after several days in a row it's just gloomy...

We've had a full past few days, though - starting Thursday night. We went out for an easy dinner night & ended up trading in my car! I loved my car - I drove a Dodge Charger. Sporty & roomy & fun! But I knew we needed something with a little more room and I figured the best time was when my car was still worth something so I could get a decent trade in. We've been looking online for weeks and talking about what we wanted to get & Thursday after we ate we decided to just drive through a few dealerships to browse. Browsing turned to buying - isn't that the way it always is?? We just came upon a deal too good to pass up - I guess the salesman knew he wasn't going to have many others come out in the rain like we did so he didn't want to lose the sale - which was good for us!

We got an Expedition - fully loaded - with all the bells and whistles except 4WD (which I don't need) - and I love it!!! I figured this will be the last new car I get for a while b/c the next one will be Michael's so I got just what I wanted! Navigation system, back up camera, entertainment system, power 3rd row seats, power doors, leather, wood grain, and Microsoft sync so I can link it up to my phone and we're in business!! Did I mention that I love it??? Can ya tell! It's funny - I had a mustang, bought a jeep, then went to another car with my Charger, and am now back to an SUV - guess car buying is cyclical! LOL

Yesterday we celebrated Michael's dad's birthday and the cousins all got to get together and play! They had a lot of fun & I think they all wore one another out - mine were crashed in the car within five minutes of leaving!!

They taught their Uncle Chris how to do puzzles...
and helped their grandpa blow out candles...think they are all eyeing that cookie cake, or what???
and  posed for us to take pictures...

These are some cute kiddos!!

Today we're staying close to home...we were going to grill, but it's so yucky outside we're cooking indoors - Michael fixed up his yummy ribs and they are in the oven for later tonight. I got some shrimp all ready to be steamed and some yummy side fixing ready, too...mushrooms and onions for toppings are simmering on the stove. Aaron is taking a nap now & Emma is quiet, playing Barbies in her room - I think this might be the perfect setting for mommy & daddy to get cozy on the couch, listen to the rain, and get control of the tv with a  movie for while!!

Hope you're all having a great weekend, too!!