Thursday, March 22, 2012

New Recipes & Fun in the Tub

I've been trying several new recipes lately & so far really enjoying them all!

We also had a fun recipe for dessert! This was a two day effort b/c it involved Jell-O, which meant it needed to set up over night. We really aren't big Jell-O eaters, but I though this was pretty & figured the kids would like it! Emma did have a lot of fun mixing up all the leftovers to form a soupy messy of an unrecognizable color - Aaron just liked all the tastes he got along the way! LOL

Colorful goodness!!! A new dessert recipe tonight, too! #colorful
This was such a pretty dessert I just had to give it a try! My blocks were a little big actually, but if I do this again I'll be sure to use a more shallow dish for my Jell-O to set up in.
Glass Block Jello
I also made this new chicken recipe last night - Crescent Roll Chicken. It was good, but I had the regular crescent rolls instead of the jumbo by mistake. Also, I'm not a fan of cream of chicken soup so much, so next time I'll use mushroom instead. That's just my own preference.
(I'm not sure why I put the text on the picture I took of the chicken & not the Jell-O...LOL!)
Crescent Roll Chicken
 Since this recipe was so easy - dinner was fast & it was a fast clean up, so when it was time for bath we got in early and played a little longer than usual!!
Emma really better watch out - when Aaron is bigger than her she is going to be in for it b/c of stunts like this! LOL
Time to rinse!


  1. First that colorful jello dessert looks so delicious! Oh my gosh, I really want to try to make some now :D The kids would have so much fun with it.. & It would be great for a potluck with the family.

    That chicken looks SO GOOD.

    HAHA Emma is too funny, but she might want to watch out for when Aaron gets bigger!

  2. your blog is so great!!

    I can't wait to

    I love your use of colors and clip are a very creative lady!!!

    ...and I am excited to try your tried recipes, boy will LOVE that jello!!

  3. It's crazy how much your bathtime looks like ours. Right down to the faucet cover, strawberry bubble bath, and toys!


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