Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Dinner was taken care of tonight my sweet hubby!! I came home to Michael grilling - love these nights!! Grilled pork chops (Texas Ribeyes), steaks (dinner for tomorrow is done now, too!) and grilled veggies!! Yum-O!
Emma was outside playing, so as soon as Aaron & I made it home he was outside playing with sister, too! They didn't get to play too long b/c raindrops started falling. Though, I don't know if they really would have minded staying out to play in the rain if I had let them!!
Train Play
Dinosaur Train & the Barbies went outside to play, too! I've told you before how much Aaron loves trains - notice the shirt!! Ha ha! He was so proud of this shirt - he had to point it out to the sitter first thing this morning! Emma had her Barbies set up in their playset and they took turns sliding!
Barbies on the Slide
We enjoyed a good dinner tonight - thanks Daddy - and have little mess since he grilled so the kitchen is already cleaned and we're moving on to playtime now! I love early nights like this so we have more time to play together before it's bath and bed time!
Hope you have a great evening, too!


  1. It makes me happy to see you guys enjoying family time and to see your hubby doing nice things for me:). That's what life is all about right. Enjoying it! We grilled a lot this week too and my hubby has been helping with a lot of dinners which has been so awesome:).

  2. Looks like a perfect evening!! How fun!


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