Saturday, March 03, 2012

Aaron's 2yr Rocking Chair Pics

Every year on their birthday I put the kids in this rocking chair - it was my Grannie's rocking chair and when I was pregnant with Emma she gave it to me! It's the one piece of furniture I'm sure I'll have all the while my babies are growing up so it's a great place to measure how much they grow - plus it means a lot to us b/c my Grannie gave it to us!

I hope that in another year or so Aaron will look at the camera more for me! Right now he has more important things to look at than the business end of mommy's camera! Like books and his choo choo trains!
I love looking back at these pictures - Emma has 5 now! It's amazing to look at how much she changes in just 12 month's time from year to year! This was Aaron's 1st Rocking Chair picture - what a difference a year makes!


  1. WOW!
    A year really makes a big difference. But I guess when it comes to babies, they grow even faster and tend to change each moment you look away. The rocker is a perfect symbol to show how they have grown.

  2. Such a wonderful tradition!! What a cutie pie!


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