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Dinner was taken care of tonight my sweet hubby!! I came home to Michael grilling - love these nights!! Grilled pork chops (Texas Ribeyes), steaks (dinner for tomorrow is done now, too!) and grilled veggies!! Yum-O!
Emma was outside playing, so as soon as Aaron & I made it home he was outside playing with sister, too! They didn't get to play too long b/c raindrops started falling. Though, I don't know if they really would have minded staying out to play in the rain if I had let them!!
Dinosaur Train & the Barbies went outside to play, too! I've told you before how much Aaron loves trains - notice the shirt!! Ha ha! He was so proud of this shirt - he had to point it out to the sitter first thing this morning! Emma had her Barbies set up in their playset and they took turns sliding!
We enjoyed a good dinner tonight - thanks Daddy - and have little mess since he grilled so the kitchen is already cleaned and we're moving on to playtime now! I love early nights like this so we have more t…

We love this beautiful weather

The weather here has been beautiful the last few days - yesterday we tried to stay out in it as much as possible! I just have a few pictures from playtime yesterday to share & then we are headed out again today! We went to church this morning and then after brunch came home to clean house a little and catch up on laundry - Emma played next door a while and Aaron is napping - which is much needed b/c he didn't get one at all yesterday!  Sharing her ice cream with Aaron! I'm so proud when I see them be so nice to one another - and Emma is such a sweet big sister! I hope I will be able to say the same thing when they are both teenagers!
They kept running up on Michael while we were playing and attacking him - then he got them back! I don't think they minded in the least, though!

And it is so great to watch kids play - adults could really learn a lot from them. Kids can all come together to play and you would think they had known one another their entire lives! Even the b…

A week of Instagram

Look at me with four posts in one week - it's rare that time allows that these days!! WooHoo!! I thought I would join in with a favorite Link-Up this is a quick view of the past week of Instagram pics!!

New Recipes & Fun in the Tub

I've been trying several new recipes lately & so far really enjoying them all!

We also had a fun recipe for dessert! This was a two day effort b/c it involved Jell-O, which meant it needed to set up over night. We really aren't big Jell-O eaters, but I though this was pretty & figured the kids would like it! Emma did have a lot of fun mixing up all the leftovers to form a soupy messy of an unrecognizable color - Aaron just liked all the tastes he got along the way! LOL

This was such a pretty dessert I just had to give it a try! My blocks were a little big actually, but if I do this again I'll be sure to use a more shallow dish for my Jell-O to set up in.
I also made this new chicken recipe last night - Crescent Roll Chicken. It was good, but I had the regular crescent rolls instead of the jumbo by mistake. Also, I'm not a fan of cream of chicken soup so much, so next time I'll use mushroom instead. That's just my own preference.
(I'm not sure why …

This should be called OMG Chicken!!

So...last night I made Melt in Your Mouth Chicken...and it literally did melt in my mouth! I didn't even need a knife for this chicken. I could just pull it apart with my fork!! 

My niece told me she had a similar recipe for Chicken Parmesan & you just add Italian Bread Crumbs to the mixture. I might have to try that next time!

Needless to say, this was a hit & I'll be making it more often in the future!! Let me know what you think if you try it out!

Source: via Hanna on Pinterest

Wonderful Weekend Weather for Playing Outside

Our weekend started off Friday evening with these crawly guys at my parents' house!! Michael is getting to be somewhat of a pro boiling crawfish I have to say! 

The next morning he got up early & left for a softball tournament so the kiddos and I hung out at Geddo & Teta's and played - we baked cookies, went on walks, played with the neighbors, planted vegetables for Teta's garden, shopped, & just had a fun day...a long day, too - it was around 9pm when we made it home! But those full days are so great to ensure my babes get a good night sleep, too!! Are they done yet???
He had to have a stroller like sister for our walk! After church Sunday we came home long enough for the boys to take a nap - I got a little work done - Emma played with some of her new treasures (she is all about Zhu Zhu pets these days) and then we packed up a picnic & headed out for the rest of the day!

We spent the rest of the afternoon at the park playing - had a late picnic lu…

Rodeo Re-Cap

A couple weekends ago we took the kids down to the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo. We had a blast - the rodeo is a tradition in Houston. In years past we would find ourselves going about 6-7 times to the rodeo and the we end up only going once or twice usually! My how times change! LOL
The kids had such a great time - we got to play games, eat junk food, watch cute little pigs race, ride rides, and get up close and personal with the animals - and their cousins were there the same day so we got to catch up with them & play, too which was great!
This guy in particular was a ham - ya think he wanted me to be sure to get his good side, or what??? My animal lover gets as close as he possible can to the animals...we usually have to pull him off them b/c he's hugging them!
Emma gets a little braver each year, but she is much more cautious of the animals! This little guy appeared cute & harmless to her! :)
The bunny rabbits, though she loved and would have let them o…

Soupy Monday Morning

Usually at this point in my drive (yes I snapped a quick pic driving in - I just wanted you to see what I saw...errr, didn't see) I see my office building towering over me. This morning this was my view, though! Nothing!!! If you're in the Houston or surrounding areas be careful driving this morning!

A Rainy Weekend

It's raining, It's pouring...and it's been pouring for days!! The clouds have been our view for days... Now those clouds are dropping down the rain on us!!

I know we need the rain, but after several days in a row it's just gloomy...

We've had a full past few days, though - starting Thursday night. We went out for an easy dinner night & ended up trading in my car! I loved my car - I drove a Dodge Charger. Sporty & roomy & fun! But I knew we needed something with a little more room and I figured the best time was when my car was still worth something so I could get a decent trade in. We've been looking online for weeks and talking about what we wanted to get & Thursday after we ate we decided to just drive through a few dealerships to browse. Browsing turned to buying - isn't that the way it always is?? We just came upon a deal too good to pass up - I guess the salesman knew he wasn't going to have many others come out in the rain like we did…