Tribute to Single Moms

Monday, February 20, 2012
I love my babies & am so proud of how good they are...most of the time, hee hee! They aren't too hard to handle in public or on my own, but sometimes when I have them out on my own I really appreciate my hubby & I think about single moms doing it on their own all the time. Especially single moms of multiples! Today I had a couple adventures on my own with the kids that made me so thankful for what good kids they are & think about other moms that are on their own all the time.

I met my niece early this morning and was planning to leave from there to go to Michael's work to pick him up, but when I got to the parking lot & tried to leave my car wouldn't start. After a while and some help from a few nice strangers we got it going that time Michael had already left work to come rescue us, so he was able to just follow us home. I was glad my niece was there and I wasn't just stranded on my own with my babies - that could be a scary situation. It could've been a bad situation in so many ways & thankfully it wasn't.

Then tonight the kids &I went to meet Hello Kitty & we were in the midst of a million kiddos and parents (okay, maybe that's an exaggeration) & standing in line for a while to get our faces painted & meet Hello Kitty. Emma was so good staying in line like a big while I kept Aaron entertained. After a while he was happy to be entertained watching home movies on my phone while we waited on Emma to finish getting her face painted. So, like I said they didn't give me a hard time and I was so proud of them for that, but it also made me think about all those single moms out there doing it every single day - and sometimes with kids that don't always listen. We did have a great time, though and Emma & Aaron loved meeting Hello Kitty! They gave lots of big hugs, especially Aaron! It was really too cute!
Emma & Aaron met a celebrity tonight!! :) #HelloKitty #kids

The third thing today that made me think about it was bath time. Bath time isn't usually an issue - Michael & I have our routine of duties that make this a smooth routine. Tonight, though I had to rush and pull them both out at the same time, rush them dripping and soapy into the shower, & clean out the tub all at the same time. Why? Well, let's just say Aaron couldn't wait to get out of the tub to potty! EEeeeewwww! Yes - needless to say while they were hanging out in the shower I was bleaching the tub! LOL!

So, to all the single moms out there, my niece being one of them, I have you in my thoughts and I know heaven has special angels up there watching out for you. 

(In case you're wondering, tonight is softball so that's where Michael was during Hello Kitty and bath time tonight!)

I also have to share this picture of my girl - we went shopping for some color to put in the flower beds yesterday - it was so pretty outside & she was riding around with her daddy helping him pick them out! She was looking way too cool!!!
Flower shopping! #gardening #sunglasses