Monday, February 13, 2012

My name is going to be on a building!

Our company is building a new office building - it's set to be complete in 2013. Our current building is 31 stories tall & the new one is going to be the same height. They will be side by side with the current parking garage in between them & a covered air-conditioned breeze way connecting them - that will be nice b/c currently to walk to our other building we have to get outside and walk over a bridge, which is fine if the weather is nice, but if it's raining or scorching heat it isn't too pleasant.

The big building we're in now is called Lake Robins Tower, usually referred to simply as the Tower, though. The new building I believe is going to be called Woodloch Tower - it may be referred to later as the New Tower - who knows. But there have been references made calling them the Twin Towers, which is both cool and rather unnerving at the same time. We are all still excited about the new building, though. It's going to have it's own cafe & gym, like the current Tower has as well and the first ten stories will be another parking garage with 21 floors of offices above.

So, how is my name going to be on the building? Well, there is a beam that has been put out in our lobby and we all had the opportunity to write our name on it if we wanted - heck, I don't know that I'll ever have another opportunity to see my name on a building, so I think it's pretty cool! I've been here going on 12 years now and would love to be able to retire from here one day, so I don't plan on going anywhere anytime soon!!

So, while maybe no one will ever actually "see" my name on the side of a building, I'll know it's there! And I think that's pretty cool!

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  1. My husband wants a football stadium named after him. I tried to explain that you had to pay for it yourself to get your name on it and he was a little disappointed.


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