Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Just a Little "Me" Time

Yesterday & Friday I took PTO to spend a little time with me! I didn't do too much really, but it was nice to "not" do much!! I went shopping, got a manicure one day & a pedicure another day, I got a massage, had lunch with a friend. Just simple stuff! Friday night we took the kids to play & eat dinner at Incredible Pizza, Saturday we spent the whole day at my parents' house & Sunday we had friends over after church for fajitas & to watch the Superbowl - loved the half time show by the way!!

It was pretty awesome to have a couple days to myself w/out anything planned so I could just do whatever came to mind at the moment! I did spend a little extra time in the mornings with my babies - that was so nice! They get up so early these days & Emma likes to get Aaron out of his bed now, so they both come into my room & wake me up in the mornings & we snuggle & watch cartoons till it's time to get up and get going!

Here's a little iPhoneography from the weekend starting with days 1 thru 6 of a PhotoADay challenge I've joined!
Day One: My View Today
DayOne: My View Today
DayTwo: Words
Letter from my Grannie when she turned 95. She'll be 98 this year! #febphotoaday #words #grannie #GodBless

DayThree: Hands
The #hands that have made my feet & legs relaxed & pretty today! #febphotoaday #daythree

DayFour: Strangers
Can't live in this city if you can't handle #traffic! #febphotoaday #strangers #redlights

DayFive: 10am
At 10am I was still sitting in this service so this was my view. #febphotoaday #10am #dayfive

DaySix: Dinner
Made yummy quesadillas from leftovers for #dinner tonight!! #febphotoaday #daysix

(Today's theme is "Button" - I haven't taken that picture yet!)

And here are a few more random pics from the weekend - playing with my babies, Emma playing teacher (she was writing up Aaron's Daily Sheet - little girls LOVE pretend play), a pic of my unfinished crochet project (a scarf, but I ran out of yarn - think I'll step out to buy more today at lunch), my mother, sister, & niece working on a quilt, and just a couple more random shots of my time out shopping! 

Weekend Recap
It was a great little mini staycation - much need time to just chill and not have anything planned! I did have to deal with insurance a little (Michael & Emma got rear-ended about a week ago) and I got Aaron's b'day party booked. Can you believe my baby is going to be 2 in two weeks??? How is that even possible? So, there was a little productivity, too!

Today I had to come back to work - but thankfully yesterday was a very quiet day so I didn't have to return to mayhem! So here's to another short work week for me!

I hope you had a great weekend!

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  1. I so enjoy your captures that you get with your phone. They are little snapshots that will help you draw a memory from latter on. Makes me itch more for my iphone..my phone is so slow to load the camera and snap the pic that the turtle has crossed the finish line before I here a click. lol. Glad you got some you time! Sounds heavenly!


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